The mysterious man .

The mysterious man
I arrived at the graveyard-around nine in the evening
A voice greeted me. I can’t see him, only a figure with a voice
He grasped my hands.

What a touch. I felt that I’ve touched an ice chunk by mistake.
I asked him-‘where’s the proof, my dear friend?’
Silently he just pointed towards a tomb. There’s a small obelisk near the grave, with some inscriptions-
Nottingham Morgan
Educationist and philanthropist
Lies in eternal peace
My grave!
When I looked back I saw my companion vanished as if he’s a dream.
Staggering I came back to my residence. After some time I realised that I’ve started to hate everything. While I was having my dinner, my pet cat came near me and slowly started rubbing his head in my trouser. I suddenly got hold of the poor creature and banged his head on the table.
Not any hint of repentance on my part…on the contrary, seeing his blood, my eerie pleasure increased manifold.
Gradually I realized that my mind is in the possession of somebody else, who has a deep liking for blood.

Days passing and now I can see clearly that everyone around hate me, the same feeling that I do have for them.
Now I know that what the person had shown me was indeed true. Because when I stand in front of the mirror, I can clearly see that the man standing in front has hate painted in his eyes.
That hate is for you, professor Nottingham.


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