The end of the Jesus era-an investigation part one by Danail Hristov- A review attempt

What’s going on? On the banks of Tiber, a sinner is being ‘burned at stake’. The sinner-Giordano Bruno! His executor- catholic church! His sin is to support the Copernicus theory of planetary movement.
What’s going on? An old man is kept under house arrest by the church after inquisition. The man-Galileo Galilei! The executor-again catholic church! His sin is to” vehemently suspect of heresy” for “following the position of Copernicus, which is contrary to the true sense and authority of Holy Scripture.”
What’s going on? An independent ruler was said to surrender his kingdom if he doesn’t get converted into Christianity. The king-Inca Atahualpa! His executor -church! His sin is that he wishes to be free.
In the name of religion, church permitted aggression. In the name of religion, church supported oppression. In the name of religion, church advocated exploitation.
Is it religion? Can it be religion?
No. it can’t ever be.
Where is the truth? What is the truth?
The end of the Jesus era-an investigation part one by Danail Hristov is a quest for this eternal truth. Call this work controversial, call this work mind boggling, call this work anti Christian-call by whatever name you wish to call this work, but one thing is for sure.
This book is not one of the run of the mill.
This is simply not a book but a realization. Realization, that gives birth to faith. Faith, that gives birth to determination. It’s the Determination that inspires man to stand unmoved in the face of approaching disaster. It’s the Determination that helps man to stand unmoved in the face of tyrannical rule (the author is from Bulgaria and an eye witness of the autocracy of the communist regime). It’s the determination that inspires man to fight for what he believes until the last drop of blood in his body.
This is not an imaginary fiction.
This is the life story of our ‘young’ writer (he is running 76 now) narrated at the introduction of the book, which is bound to touch your heart. So simply described-yet so extraordinary.
The book has been divided into two parts. The first part- A return to the dethroned God deals with chapters like the existence of God, where God is, is there any special name of God, the essence of God-(a total of seven chapters) at depth. The second part and arguably the most controversial part of the book The end of the Jesus era deals with topics like Jesus, his miracles, resurrection, does Old Testament really prophesied about Jesus, nature of Jesus in the light of New Testament, in the light of Biblical references. There too are seven chapters in total. Both the parts have been narrated with a lucid explanatory style with countless references from the scripture.
The author argues from a logical viewpoint that God may or may not exist from the scientific point of view, for some human existence of god depends merely for their self satisfaction and for some the existence is even more undesirable as they will be unable to justify their misdeeds. In an inintimitable satirical way, the author depicts how lack of faith is declining our society, how people only fear god and at the end of the day nobody loves god. In the word of the author-”The existence of God (but not the one we know from religion) does not depend on people’s willingness or unwillingness to acknowledge or reject Him, it also does not depend on their knowledge or lack of knowledge of Him.”
Nothing that man has built will last forever. The author attacks the traditional belief that human body as the temple of god with logic. In the words of the author-
“God is a perfect Entity and does not need anyone’s body. And the assumption that man needs something in addition, casts a reproach upon the Creator for not finishing His work. Only the parasite strives to exploit someone else’s body
God does not live in anything and in anyone. Only His intentions are embodied in His creations. We will find the artist neither in his works, nor in his drawing implements.”
Is there any specific physical appearance of the creator? Can the name Jesus and Christ can be equated to the god? What does Christ and Jesus name originally means? Is God singular and plural? What is the nature of God? Is god really a king or a shepherd as pronounced in New Testament? Does the wish of the God is reflected through his own deeds, or through his intermediaries? These fundamental questions must have haunted you from your young hood. Now you can get food for thought for all your thirst for the truth. However, I feel a small piece of story fro the book is worth revealing. In author’s own words-

“A century ago, a missionary group led by Frederick Arnolt was passing through the Kalahari Desert. * They barely escaped death from prolonged lack of water. Bushmen noticed them and came
running. They dug a hole in the sand. Six hours with the help of reeds they were sucking water out of it sip by sip. They saved the life of the missionary group. Then, modestly, without having any pretensions and without waiting for thanks, the Bushmen silently went their way, as God’s true intermediaries.
The members of the saved group remained blind to God’s message. “The world” had tried to change them, but with no success. Behind their salvation, they saw their idol Jesus.”

to be continued……..


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