Light and shadow-review of‘God is a gamer’ by Ravi Subramanian

When I was asked by Blogadda to review ‘God is a gamer’ by Ravi Subramanian I was up to my toes. I had earlier read ‘if god was a banker’ by the banker turned writer and I knew quite well to what extent suspense of a thriller can mesmerize a reader.
The day the book was delivered to my home, I came home late evening exhausted after a hectic day at the office. The next day, it was scheduled to visit one of our branch offices. The office is nearly hundred kilometre away from my residence-nearly three hours journey on local train. I thought-ok, on the way up and down I will read the book.
And I found I was not disappointed.
I was so deeply absorbed into the book that I completely ignored my destination. It was not my fault-the complete fault is with the book. When I realized, the train is about to enter the last station of the route.
That is the magic of the book!
The curtain of the suspense thriller has been unveiled in a dramatic situation-the lasso of the Federal Government is tightened around the neck of Wiki Leaks, as a reward of their threat to expose the U.S.A Government. Buckled by the Government pressure, Amazon, the host of the server of Wiki Leaks has terminated their contact, visa and master card and pay pal have all blocked their customers from accessing the organisation.
Can the organization survive? Is there any alternative way out?
Thus started one of the most thrilling suspense thrillers of contemporary times, the world’s first thriller entirely based on the suspense of virtual money transaction-dubbed as ‘world’s first bit coin thriller”. Bit coin-the world’s first virtual currency, founded by Satosi Nakamoto –whose identity is shrouded into mystery is the central theme of the entire thriller.
The thriller runs on three parallel rails-just like our very own Kolkatta Metro, but at a breathtaking speed which can only be equated with a bullet train. You can call the mystery thriller a combination of three-three in one. The first mystery clouds around the death of a senator of the U.S.A Government, holding high chair and close to the president. The way the assassination took place is bound to leave the reader grasping for explanation. In author’s own words-“the Mercedes raced along. It was approaching a stretch of the road, which has been cordoned off a few days ago. Up ahead on the other side of the road, parked by the side of the road, resting against a hillock, he could see a bicycle. A larger version of the miniature that he held in his hand. ….he made a mental route to take it up with the city council. That’s when it suddenly struck him-the package from nowhere, small bicycle, the big bicycle, unprofessional ditches. It was a set up.”
The senator apparently was a man of integrity, a noble statesman and the F.B.I took the investigation. The team revelations were startling. What are the findings? What was the fate of his family? And above all, was the senator ultimately found to be as great as he was depicted? This first thread of the mystery is a complete entertainment package all by itself.
It’s a foggy world-where our characters are half in shadow, half in light. Their faces are covered with masks, looking at the mask can lead to a thoroughly wrong impression about the character. So beware-don’t take for granted anything that glitters as gold!
Take for example-one of our protagonists Tanya-daughter of a corporate power lady a successful professional and apparently a go getter lady. But is she really an epitome of innocence as she seems, or reality differs from it. Also take the example of our other protagonist Varun-a charming handsome dashing boy with magnetic personality. But -is that all?
One thing is sure-at every corner, the reader is bound to face a surprise, a twist that is thoroughly unpredictable.
Now let us come to the second thread-mysterious disappearance of money from the account holders of a top multinational bank. The account holders were asked to enter certain information of the account via email and ultimately resulted in fraudulent transfer. The ‘phishing scam’ started with a small magnitude and ultimately started getting bigger and bigger. Before that wound is healed, there is massive amount of A.T.M withdrawal with forged cards. Are they stray incidents, or part of a larger conspiracy? Is any insider is involved into it? Is there any attempt of cover-up?
There were two murders(?) from the top brass of the bank. Why? Are their murders a perfect crime?
The reader is in a strange world-where money holds no value. Nobody’s amount is safe!
The third thread –the last one, but not the least revolves round the ups and downs of a gaming company. A new game has been launched by the company- but the popularity is far below expectation. It’s a question of survival-question of life and death. What policy will be adopted by the company? What will be the last straw?
Nothing succeeds like success. There is no obstacle to the path of success-even the corporate ethics holds no value. It’s only survival of the fittest and any weapon is right in this battle of life and death.
Is it? Or isn’t it?
All three threads ultimately cross one point and as every fairy tale ends-this story ends also! The old saying ’crime does not pay’ is justified and the criminal is punished!
Has the criminal really been punished?
Please don’t think I have reached the penultimate stage. Read the last word-there is surprise, surprise and more surprise for you!
The climax is bound to leave you spellbound.
After finishing the book, you have to murmur-God really is a gamer!

This dilemma on the part of the reader is the main asset of the thriller. At every page, the reader swings between yes and no- like a pendulum. Twist and suspense with incredible speed coupled with a very crispy language and detailed narration is bound to give the reader an effect of watching the thriller in a 3D multiplex. An example is-‘a puff of smoke. And the guard fell face down on the marble. He didn’t even time to scream in pain. That’s what a bullet to the brain does. The other guard pulled out his gun and looked around frantically. He reached for his walkie-talkie and whispered into it.’
However on word of caution to our reader-if you have important assignment staring at you, please don’t fall to the trap of the book! It will simply help you forget your important business!
As it did to me!
And finally a ritual of numbering the book.
Out of 5, I give him 4.9 in storytelling, 5 for his innovativeness and plot idea, 4.5 for his development of the plot idea.
And finally one word.
Ravi, you simply rock all the way through.

Some basic facts about the book

Paperback, 324 pages
Published September 12th 2014 by Penguin Books India
Penguin Books did creditably with the get up, printing and cover designing of the book.
An attractive book all the way.

A bit about the author
He is an alumni of I.I.M, had an experience of nearly two decades in the banking industry. That’s why his stories, set up in the backdrop of financial industry seems so real. Recipients of several awards, he now lives in Mumbai.

review courtesy-BLOGADDA

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