These are fragrances from my childhood days, days that are nearly forgotten.
We, who are not so young now-grey age is knocking at whose doors, sometimes love to walk down the memory lane. Sometimes we like to have a glance to our days, when age had not crumbled our thoughts. Those were our happy days-our careless childhood days, free as a spring, wild as a migratory bird.
But is that possible?
All the pictures of those long passed days seems very hazy-layers of dust have fainted those ’bright’ pictures. We don’t have any time machine that can just help us land to our childhood days. Even if Albert Einstein was alive, I don’t think he would’ve been of much help.
So, is it not possible to walk down on those roads?
Some memories are like a million zillion diamonds that can never be faded out, some books are associated with our childhood days in such a way that still makes us nostalgic, some songs from those bygone days make us still memorize some particular days…..
When I was barely eight, we (means our family) went to a trip to Europe. I just can’t now remember whether it was a business trip or a family pleasure trip-but nevertheless it was a trip that I cherished to come ever and ever again. On that trip, I was marveled by the sight of London Bridge on Thames. The giant concrete and steel structure was a wonderful sight to me. My dad told me that the city came into existence until the bridge was built there.
It was first built up by the roman as a part of military exercises. Then it was reconstructed again and again, the old paving way for the new. There is a fragment of the old bridge, the pedestrian alcove demolished in 1831 preserved in the Victoria Park, tower Hamlet though. The demolition of the bridge was due to the fact that the bridge became very congested and proved to be too narrow for the heavy traffic. Then the new bridge replaced the 600 year old bridge. That bridge, too signs of bending due to heavy traffic load. It was replaced by a modern bridge and pieces of the bridge were up for grab via auction.
So from here came the immortal rhyme
‘London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…..’
Reading a rhyme is one thing and seeing a piece of history alive is another.
A memorable experience-isn’t it folks?
My grandfather expired when I was a student of fifth standard. We shared a strong bonding-he was more than a friend of mine than a guardian. My mom used to tell that he was transformed into a star of the night, a tiny star, still looking at me, still laughing at my silliness that I still perform now and then, through my entire life.
He is still there to show me light at darkness.
When I am alone, I still used to look at the dark sky with thousands of tiny stars dazzling.
Where is he?
My-‘twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
How I wonder what you are’.

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