A critical analysis of a romantic novel-‘ A second spring-brings new hope’ by Sandhya Jane

There is a big Pipal tree in front of our house-just facing my study window. It seems so near –it seems that if I take out my hand out of the window, I can touch the branches. It’s winter time now in India and every winter it sheds all its leaves. In the middle of December, if you look at the tree, it will look like a skeleton of a tree, with not a single leaf. As if the tree is dead. Then comes the spring and new lease of life is sprinkled to the tree. New leaves emerging, yellow giving way to a wonderful combination of red and green –as if it is a festival of life.
Sometimes when I am alone in the study, I think that the human life is like the tree. When winter comes-the life goes inside the cocoon. Then comes the spring again-and it is a new song of life. Human life always fights against all odds, against all fragility-towards a new ray of hope. The story of life is always this prayer of hope. Sometimes there are ups; sometimes there are downs, sometimes human life faces a crushing defeat-but it is that hope that keeps human alive. Literatures that speak of this hope are one of my favorite readings. That’s why ‘ A second spring-brings new hope’ by Sandhya Jane touches my heart.
Imagine it’s an afternoon of torrential rain. You are compelled to be confined within the four walls of your room. Neither your phone connection is working, nor your telephone connection. It’s an afternoon full of sadness! This is a type of book that can make your heart tweet in joy-in such a backdrop of……
A second spring…..is a straightforward story of romance. Now a days romance story plots are getting complex- triangular, quadrilateral, pentagonal, hexagonal love affairs are coming up. Sometimes mind gets too tired to cope up with the turn of events. The second spring’s main asset is its simplicity-the plot idea is wonderfully crafted around our two protagonists.
The curtain of the romance drama has been unveiled in the bedroom of Avantika-our protagonist of the story. She is a loving mother, caring relative and a strict boss, in the words of her subordinates ‘a bossy boss’ all combined into one. Another matter of concern for her-she is a single mother. She is a successful top brass in an investment banking company and getting attracted towards a member of her team, Rohan, our other protagonist of the story -handsome, dashing yet casual. When destiny took them near- he was struggling with his life, leaving one concern after another. He joined her concern and with sheer skill on his part, became an integral part of her business presentations and business tours. They fight against this ever increasing desire in their own way-he fought with his will to resist the ever growing attraction to the attractive and lovely lady and she fought with a zeal to resist the attraction with her own idea of love and ultimately loosing these battles ……….(please note that plural has been used).
From the viewpoint of the writer, this love is something deeper than the physical desire, something more intense than the emotional attachment-it’s not all platonic, and it’s not all passion but love arising out of connection with a soul to another soul. In her own words

“It was at this very moment that I realized my unconditional love for him. The physical attraction was melting away-just the feeling of watching out for him made me happy. The spark of Rohan, remained unchanged. But the silly thought of constant watching him around or possessing him just giving way to the new feelings of love. The love I could realize was more profound, much deeper than the physical attraction. It just meant to see him happy. In this process I could sense that his need, his feeling, his comfort were overshadowing my feeling. May be letting go my own feelings and sacrificing my happiness over his need. This is again the old school thought of-His priority over my need.”
I hope that the cautious reader has already understood the inherent simplicity in the language and narration. Sometimes a simply dressed lady seems hundred times attractive than a well ornamented lady! Artificial articulation doesn’t glorify a character or a storyline!
Destiny took them together, destiny again separated them! Rohan placed his family responsibility over love and ‘she distanced herself from everything that was associated with their love’.
Again circumstances compelled our hero to come closer to our lovely lady. Then what happened? Will she accept him again, forgetting and forgiving everything? Or will she be lonely for the rest of her life?
To discover, you have to read the book. it will be a worthy reading for you ,no doubt.
The book is a mirror reflection of the corporate environment of the banking industry. It’s not surprising as the writer has over two decades of financial industry exposure, in a global environment.
The book gives an immaculate description of the Mumbai and its hubbubs. If you are in love with the city or a seasoned Mumbaikar, you are somehow feeling attached to this book. Take this example, for instance-
“Andheri is one of the largest suburbs of western Mumbai and much of this area is busier than the rest of the city. In Mumbai (Bombay) the suburbs grew along the local rail tracks in the direction from south towards north and east. Municipal Corporation has divided suburb on these rail tracks into east or west part of the station such as E& Andheri W, Bandra E& Bandra W,Kandivali E & Kandivali W-each of them is the size of a town”.
However there are some words of critique towards the end. All the formulae of a classical romantic work have been strictly adhered to, so much so that at times the reader may found it too much predictable. A small punch of salt and spice should have added up to the taste.
We sincerely hope to see more of this ‘investment banker turned writer’s ‘work in the near future.
In a scale of 5, she deserves 4 in storytelling, 4.2 in narration, 4.5 in cohesion and 4 in overall impression.
Binding, get up and printing of the book is really extraordinary.

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