‘No gifts for Peter’ by ‘Sabinah Oroge’ – a Christmas story

It’s winter time again and what can be a more suitable time than this season to enjoy a sweet little story themed on Christmas? The story preserves all the beautiful fragrances of Christmas-the Christmas decoration, the Christmas Carole, Santa clause, a ‘nice Christmas eve dinner’ all neatly woven in this beautiful story.
‘No gifts for Peter’ by ‘Sabinah Oroge’ is such a book.
The curtain of the story is lifted in an evening just before the days of Christmas. Peter-our little protagonist of the story is waiting impatiently for his Christmas gift to arrive! The narration of the Christmas time is perfect-presenting before our young readers a true picture of Christmas. In the words of our writer-“It was the evening before Christmas and everyone was filled with the Christmas spirit. Mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts were smiling. Boys and girls were laughing. Even the animals seemed to be joining in. The dogs were happily barking. The cats were happily meowing and the horses were happily neighing.”
Anyway Peter was bubbling with excitement and asked for the permission from their parents to open his gift packet in advance. True, he is enjoying what is around him in this Christmas season –the decoration, the song, the company of his cousins from Australia, but above all he is dying to see whether his Christmas gift packet contains “what was top on his Christmas list or would he bring him what was second on his list, like he did last year and even the year before that?” his parents reminded him of the Christmas customs of opening the packet on the day of Christmas –not before that!
Little Peter had a sleepless night. He fought with his mind to control the desire to go and check what was there for him as a gift. But ultimately he lost the battle and came to check his gift in the living room. There was a big yellow box attached with a blue label, containing his name.
Let us describe what happened afterwards, straight from the book-
“He looked at the old grandfather clock, which was ticking away peacefully.
‘Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock’. It ticked on, as if encouraging him to open up his present. It was as though the old grandfather clock was ticking: ‘Go on. Go on. Open it. Open it’.
“But it’s not yet Christmas morning,” Peter whispered.
But he really, really wanted to make sure what was inside the box was what was top on his Christmas list.
“I should be patient. I should wait till morning”, Peter said to himself. But even as he said these words, he was moving closer and closer to the box.
For a second or two, he stood beside the box, wondering if he should really open his present.
Finally, Peter gave in.”

He got busy opening it and encountered an unexpected visitor. The visitor encouraged him to open it and what he discovered after opening it?
“Peter looked into the box.
Nothing! There was absolutely nothing inside the box!”

From here our sweet little story takes an unexpected twist!
Who was the visitor? Why the box was empty? And more importantly, did Peter get anything that Christmas?
Will poor Peter be able to turn happy?
If you want to know how Peter ultimately changed himself then you can’t help yourself but reading this book! There you will encounter surprise elements that will make you think.
The way the writer tells her story is commending- a lucid language, crispy narration and artistic paintwork that makes our story looks like a colourful picture! it is a story that will present before you fun of story reading with an inherent message inside it.
It is a highly recommended book for parents for the age group 6-12.
There are some beautiful illustrations that will make children enjoy every moment of their joyous reading.


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