Like to follow the footstep of prehistoric man?

Modern day lifestyle compels us, the civilized people to take up a diet that is high carbohydrate content, low fat and mostly processed food devoid of natural flavor. The effect is various health disorders are plaguing our generation like heart disorder, diabetes, renal failure which was relatively unknown just a few years back! Now there must be some way out. Megan White presents before us Caveman Cravings: Paleo Diet for Beginners to Lose Weight and Age Gracefully which is a sincere attempt to present a solution. In the words of the writer the objective of this short book is –“to take you on a journey to reach toward your actual, instinctual cravings: your Caveman Cravings. Boost your muscle growth, fuel your hormones with greater health, and fix up your thyroid—your secret to better weight-loss revving metabolism. With this book in tow, you can understand the direct science of the Paleo diet with the assistance of twenty-one recipes outlined in a 7-day Diet Plan.
Health, longevity, and a “skinny” lifestyle can be yours. Heal yourself with a final look to the delicious workings of the ancient world with Caveman Cravings. Your body, your waistline, and your mind will thank.”

The writer had given the example of her and her partner-how the change of diet had worked for them. The book has some radically different ideas than a conventional dietician can prescribe-like taking up fat regularly and prescribing intake of cereals which ‘hinders the activity and development of brain’.
The writer at length discussed about the diet through the ages. In the Paleolithic era-people had to labour for their food. Thus the digestive system was structured in such a way that it was suited for that lifestyle. The digestive system is still structured that way and the modern dietary habit is ill suited to the modern lifestyle! According to author- “Quite obviously, we’ve traveled down an unfortunate path from our initial Paleolithic days scouting for vegetables and hunting for game. With obesity, mental diseases, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease on the rise in our ever-rushing society, it’s time to fuel our attention toward our ancestor’s past diet regime to retreat to better interior health.”
In the next chapter some utilities of fasting are discussed from the scientific viewpoint. What are the food items that a caveman would have preferred? She discussed with examples and taking the food values into account. The calorie consciousness that is giving rise to many a disease in the modern day world has also been discussed at length. (My personal experience also tells me that such type of consciousness is a stupidity!)
Modern human has an affinity towards grains and a negative affinity towards fat. But how good is it to human body? Whether all types of fat are enemies of heart? The writer has shown that there is an invisible link between the excessive intake of carbohydrate and mental disorder!(astonishing. Isn’t it?) Then the writer discussed about two silent killers. The first one is heart diseases. What usually causes heart diseases, how it can be prevented with a judicious diet exercise combination has been discussed at length. Some myths regarding heart diseases have also been explained. The second silent killer diabetes has also found a place of mention in this discussion. Other disease reduction and hormonal activity control through diet control have also been elaborated. And last but not the least-an exercise plan that can bring about a new ‘you’ has also been discussed in this book.
A quote from the book is sufficient to tell you what you’ll get after reading this book
“1. The Paleo diet decreases your risk of type II diabetes.
2. The Paleo diet allows you to lose weight by creating natural, sustaining, fat-boosting ketosis in your body.
3. The Paleo diet decreases your gut inflammation, creating a better landscape for mental health.
4. The Paleo diet decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
5. The Paleo diet decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.
6. The Paleo diet fuels you with all the proper minerals and nutrients your body requires. It eliminates unnatural grains, legumes, and processed foods from your diet.
Create a better you. Cut cravings. Think like a caveman. Your body, your gut, and your mind will thank you.”

Overall an enjoyable read with easy to comprehend guide and step by step instruction to bring about a healthier you.
Some illustrations are missing in this book that may add some visual attraction to this book. More importantly the writer may have included some specific diet plan to the caveman who still walks on the modern road.



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