A story of love triangle!

It is a story of eternal love triangle- between one woman and two men. Since the theme is not too innovative the writer has to be very particular about the development of the storyline. we will try to examine whether Sarita Verma has passed with distinction or have failed miserably in her romantic novella-Girl from Fatehpur.
The story has begun amid a train journey from Allahabad to Fatehpur. Sanjana, our protagonist of the story is on her way back home from Mumbai-where she is working in a MNC after completion of her business school. She is leaving her office, getting utterly confused and caught in a dilemma of accepting a special man! In the words of the writer Sanjana has-“sparkling eyes, silky, lustrous hair and dimpled smile, Sanjana made a very attractive picture.” That special man is Krish,the only son of the M.D . of the company she is working with. The seesawing of his attitude towards her made her confused-sometimes he is bossy; sometimes it seems that he will not be able to live without her! in order to get some guide on what to from her cousin , she had a stopover at a station in between Allahabad and Fatehpur and found that she had left to some other destination. The confused girl was saved by the neighbor of her cousin and she found a shelter there. Here she met a young attractive man who imparted some more twist to this one sided love affair. It was ultimately reveled that he is her childhood heart throb-Ranjan. Nostalgically she remembered the day when they were separated to walk towards different destinies
“A long silence had followed in which she had prayed the earth would open and swallow her up. “Sana, you’re only a kid. You’ll soon forget all about me.
Besides, don’t you also love Shahrukh Khan?” he had smiled down at her kindly with all the wisdom of his nineteen years.
“No. I won’t forget.” she had cried and had plunged into the overgrown bushes, overcome with hurt and mortification. She had heard him calling out to her, but she had run to her favorite hiding place and stayed there till she was sure he had gone. How could she face him now?”

Now back to the story! They had a ride together to her home at Fatehpur-a journey that gave a different dimension to this romantic story. Ranjan was in favor of a live in companion, with him he can share his joy and sorrow, but without any bindings to the institution of marriage!
Now our confused protagonist is amidst a love triangle. Whom she will choose? Is it Krish -whose sudden mood swings made him susceptible, whether she would discover a loving husband or an office boss inside him? Or is it Ranjan- whose idea about marriage doesn’t at all mix well with the small town mentality of Sanjana?
Set up in the backdrop of a vibrant colorful Indian marriage –this romantic love story is an enjoyable read to the readers. The plot has enough twist into it and although it is not too innovative-the reader is sure to find it pleasant! Readers from outside the subcontinent are sure to discover a distinctive Indian culture and tradition from this little novella. The tradition, the customs, and the festivity –all have found their special mention throughout the story. Let us present a description
“Your mehndi has deepened to such a lovely dark color. Do you know what they say? The darker the color, the more your husband will love you.” “Hah! You girls know nothing. Dark mehndi color means she will get a handsome husband,” corrected Dadima, overhearing the girl’s chatter. Her eyes dwelled fondly on Sanjana gossiping with Devika and Rashmi. Wearing dangling uncut diamond earrings picked up in Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai, and clad in a shimmering midnight blue embroidered lehenga, Sanjana looked so like her beautiful mother that her grandmother had to blink back sudden tears. If only she would settle down with a good boy.”
Isn’t the description wonderful?
We are looking forward to the writer for creating many such fictions in future.



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