Letters from the past

Poems are like droplets of rain. Droplets of words alone can’t make a perfect poem! Like a splash of rain a perfect poem drenches the reader with sheer joy. Very few words of a poem can tell what a lengthy novel can never convey. The silence of a poem can echo the silent thought of the poet in the minds of those who share the thought! That’s what my first impression while reading ‘Postcards from memory’- the debut anthology of poems by Samir Santam.
It is hard to be simple and it is harder to express simple thought in simple way. Every moment in our lives are worth million zillion diamonds – but we never cares for these moments of tears and moments of joy, we usually let these priceless moments pass into oblivion. A painter can forever preserve these moments on canvas, a photographer can capture these moments on camera and what about a poet? A poet can preserve these moments on paper to give them immortality! That was the idea of the poet-to preserve all moments, moments of pain, sorrow, joy as it may come in life. That too is the idea of our young poet -that’s why the name postcards from memory. It is like a little letter from the writer to the reader-unexplained and conveying the idea to the reader. A glimpses from the preface of the book is quoted-‘this book is a reflection of my thoughts that make me the person I am.’
The book is divided into ten sections, each section containing poems that tells about his realisation. Let us take a poem ‘losing myself’ from the section idle morning. The aroma of morning –the fragrance of wet soil is mesmerising him. The wild morning air wakes him up from his monotonous sleep- letting him run free like an unbound horse. The melody of air is playing with his nerve strings and is producing a beautiful orchestra. The last few lines of the poem are given below-
“Crazy wind in my hair, /feels me up with ecstasy/ hurls me in a trance/sets me free…. /essence of life/sweetness so ripe! /here in this moment/ I lose myself to me….”
Have you ever walked past a cake shop and resisted an irresistible temptation to walk inside the shop and plunder the total cake shop. Well, to be honest I must confess that I did and now I find that the writer is the bird of the same feather-at least in this respect. The eternal child inside you is never old and if you always listen what he whispers deep inside you- you will never grow old !what a lovely conclusion to the poem’ cake shop’-
‘Like a devil, I almost turn blue/the seductive layers of Tiramisu/ with that I find/ I can’t decide/ I want to have a spoonful of each.’
The lovely mango that quenches thirst in a hot summer day, the heavenly feeling when it gulps down the throat can also be a subject of poem- an appealing poem. It’s like an oasis amidst Sahara. The demarking line between realism and imagination is very thin here- “the kiss has a taste of nectar/ the crack in thin skin/ pulp drips/in midst of the sweetness/ comes a shot of sour/ like little disappointments in life!”
These are two of the many weaknesses of the poet. No wonder that the section has been named temptation!
The short poem ‘First love ‘tells about the lovely feeling of infatuation at the crossroad of adolescences-falling in love with the teacher. There is nothing innovative about it; it’s the same old story. What makes that poem noteworthy are the concluding lines-“as I watch my son, grow and tumble/ in his efforts to keep secrets,/he helps me revisit those lost days/when a woman came along/ induced in me an urge to grow up faster.”
There are some poems in the anthology that speaks of love, passion and romance, but the poem ‘Do not speak anymore’ needs to be specially mentioned. The poem is a song of the body, speaking of inflamed desire and passion! There is nothing wrong with materialism –but to be a timeless poetry, it should rise above body and speak of eternal love, love that connects physical and spiritual realm! The writer has potential and it is naturally expected that with passage of time he will be more mature.
The system is rotten. Cosmetic changes are not enough to give the voiceless the voice. A thorough change is necessary. Thus how some young minds thought. Acting against the institution, to uproot the rotten bourgeois system-an entire generation got swept away by the Naxalite movement. This is the subject of the poem ‘The rebel’. The last few lines create a deep impact in the mind of the reader-a perfect image of deep melancholy-“like the morning sun? realization dawn on him/ this needs to be dealt with power/ that flows through the barrel of a gun.”
The poem that has the ability to touch the heart of the reader will never wait for the review of the critic. It never waits for the theoretical perspective, too. And in our ultimate judgment this lovely poetry book has the capacity to touch the minds.


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