Love is knowing,you can be…….

Can distance dilute the concentration of love? Or separation inflames the desire to come more closely? These are hypothetical questions that seem to have no answer. But you may be out of this dilemma if you read the romantic novella ‘Loves labor’ by Andy Paula. Well, if not completely out but certainly some light at the end of the tunnel-which you must see!
The curtain of the story is raised in Christ Church School, Mussorie where our young protagonist Piali is taking a class of standard twelve. The initial introduction of the teacher tells that she is a gem in her profession-enthusiastic, a good organizer, talented, with a good presence of mind and taking her noble profession very seriously. So much so, that the young teacher had been considered as the chief organizer in the forthcoming centenary celebration of the elite missionary school. Let us take an expert from the novella that gives glimpses of her capacity to tackle student
“Like it or hate it, we have to not only read it, but also study it, because it is prescribed for us.” She paused. “I know how you feel, guys.” She moved closer to their benches, her voice dropped conspiratorially. “Actually, you know, as a student, I was not a great fan of this classic either; it was only later, as a grown up, that I realized what an either; it was only later, as a grown up, that I realized what an Excellent piece of work this was.”
The switch from ‘boys’ to ‘guys,’ the sharing of a personal secret, the shared feeling of initial dislike for the book brought about an Immediate lowering of defenses and helped create the bonding no other teacher could establish with the boys. Besides, it was Friday, and it elevated the mundane weekday to the blissful promise of a weekend.”

This was her intelligent initial response to the protest of students on whether they have to read Great expectations. by Charles Dickens.
The storyline soon gets twisted; a phone call from somebody seemed to have an upside down effect to our charming young confident lady. Reader can well imagine from her emotional reaction that the caller was very much known to her, that ‘he’ is somebody special to her life! The call takes us to the flashback, two years back when the lady was in her first job at a school in Jamshedpur.
It all began in a tour to Panchgani, where Piali was chosen to head a delegation of teachers for a camp. On the way to the tour, she met Sathya Nair, a very handsome and qualified professional in the field of animation and happened to be the son of the chairman of the school she was working with. The initial conversation on the way to the camp and her presentation there made him attracted towards her, although it was revealed that he is engaged to somebody. That fateful journey was a prelude to a lovely love story. “The moonlight lit up the train doorway; the breeze caressed their faces; their bodies almost touched. They sat in silence.” Is not it a touching conclusion to the train journey.
Both were attracted towards each other. It was almost love at the first sight. It was sheer magnetic attraction that both are feeling towards each other and in no time both were lost in one another! In the words of the writer-“He pulled her to him and kissed her on the mouth. She held him tight and kissed Him with fervor. As their bodies rubbed against each other and his tongue rolled inside her mouth, she forgot what her family thought of love marriages.”
He is determined to win her at any cost. Desperately he broke down the relation with his fiancé. He was determined to make a separate identity for himself, away from the shadow of his rich father and got a job at Hyderabad. He even made his conservative parents agreed to the marriage proposal with Piali.
And what happened to Piali? Coming from a conservative middle class Bengali family, was she able to convince her parents to agree to the marriage proposal? What made her to run away from the job to another city, to some alien condition and more importantly from the man she loved so dearly? She left without giving any whereabouts to the man whom she believed to be her would be soul mate. Why?
You will love to read every bit of this romantic novella. Written in a classic style, Indian cultural has also been revealed through this novella.
Will there be a separation or will they meet again? And what will be the conclusion? Will it be a tragedy?
Show some patience and read the entire story.



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