Success and failure

Large piles of files are around him. He can hardly be traced out by an outsider coming to his office in search of him.
He is a petty accounts clerk. Like thousands of clerks of the Kolkata city-merely a faceless identity in the city. Like thousands of commoners in the city, merely have any future, without any present-living only in the past, roaming about their past.
‘It is merely the start of the office and such huge pile of files’. He had to clear them all. Otherwise……..
Soon, a peon was in front of his cubicle. He curtly said-‘boss has called you.’
No respect for me, thought ‘he’. He can be called in any name- he is too insignificant a person to be remembered. But for the sake of the consistency of our story, let us call him ‘Prasun’.
So Prasun rose from his seat, reluctantly! He knows well what in store for him. The boss had called for the contingency expenditure balance sheet earlier. This time it will not be a pleasant conversation at all. To Prasun, the boss always depicts a saber toothed tiger!
‘May I come in sir’-before joining in this office, Prasun didn’t have any idea that his voice can be that much melodious!
‘You incompetent………..’-what followed afterwards is not to be described in detail, at least taking into account the prestige of Prasun. When he returned in his cubicle, his head is whirling round like a spinning cricket ball.
But things could have taken a different turn, had he cleared that interview.
It was exactly six months earlier; he appeared for the interview for that chair which had today insulted him to its extreme! Everything went fine, till he had appeared before the board.
He was in a hurry and completely forgot to groom himself before the interview. A casual dress, bread unshaven, hair not properly combed –a look that is more suited for a Bengali intellectual, but at all doesn’t go well with the look of an administrator-the post for which he had appeared for the interview.
From the very beginning, he was well aware that something was missing and it ended in a disaster.
Probably the board was of the opinion that he ,who could not manage himself would be completely unfit to mange the burden of such an important job!
A chance is worth a million and the chance had slipped away.
Sitting in his cubicle, he tried to imagine a picture from his childhood days. He was jumping to catch a mango dangling from a branch of a tree, but there is always a different of one inch between his hand and the tree.
The difference so narrow, yet so wide!
The difference between success and failure!
The difference between a properly groomed person and a person with untidy look!

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