Voices old and new-a review

An anthology of stories should tell about the spring of the life as well as the winter, it should present the tears as well as joy. At the same time it should explore life from different perspective. From this viewpoint ‘Voices old and new’ is a perfect collection.
This collection of stories presents all auras of life-may it be good, bad or ugly. The book consists of twenty six stories of different genre proudly marching ahead, presenting different shades of life.
The first thing you are going to notice is the cover-where an old transistor set peacefully coexist with the latest touch screen Smartphone-both old and the new have their places under the blue sky.
The first story of the collection is ‘Boomerang’. A spoiled teen is on his way to cyber chatting, cyber dating and ultimately cyber netting of girls-some fake pictures doing the trick and then some intimating talks in the virtual world let the girl flies fall in his trap. When he ultimately meets the girl in real world she discovers with horror that he is a different guy altogether-who can resort to threat of blackmailing and more for his lust. But have he ever imagined that the screw can turn on him?
Nobody gets prepared for the climax to the story. It is a crude description of things that happened with the boy. The twist in the tale presents a shock to the reader for which he was not mentally prepared. The conclusion of the story is memorable, too.
From this promising story let me come to a story that has disappointed me. It is ‘No good deed’-telling the story of a couple riddled with urban rural conflict, caste conflict and of course clash between middle class and the elite. The protagonist –a new age MNC top brass and the same time the darling of a rural landlord family is seen to be in nostalgia after the death of her mother. She had ruined the marriage of the boy in the clout of family and class difference plea. And now she is all gone and the worst part of it his wife had left him, too! She was unable to cope with the mental trauma inflicted on her.
But our young boy believes in all is well that ends well principle. He decides to rejuvenate their marriage life and she comes and announces something that makes the twist. But as I said earlier there was scope to make this twist in the story something very innovative, given the depth of the plot. Unfortunately to me the conclusion was a bit colourless, it is somehow predictable-the wife decides migrating to the hamlet leaving their hectic MNC life and she is resorting to political activity like her father.
Now let us straightforward come to the last story –The Difference. The beginning of the story is dramatic-an atmosphere of festivity. A farewell party thrown for the younger brother of the protagonist is the stage for this story of romance. There she encounters a young lad who seems to have a Midas touch for all the problems in life – reuniting her brother with her girlfriend who is from a different religion.
Towards the climax of the story the lad proposes the lady and she can not deny him-in spite of their age difference. The story ends with the same sense of celebration and festivity with which it had begun with- this time only the celebration announces the win of the new values over the old!
To me the conclusion is at good as it can be-
“A peaceful silence fell between us. I was half-afraid to break the magical spell that had descended on us. “Akriti, I love you,” he said, simply, “and I know the road ahead is not going to be an easy one.” He extended his hand to me, “But right now, in this moment, we’re together and I love that. Don’t you?” I looked into his eyes and only found honesty, love, warmth and earnestness in them. He wasn’t lying. He’d fallen in love with me. He hadn’t been joking around about age not being a factor between us, because love goes beyond that. Heck, true love can move mountains! I smiled at him, and took his hand. “You’re right. Whatever happens, we can face it tomorrow.” “And together.” Arjun quietly assured me. Then we walked back home, talking nineteen to the dozen with our arms linked together.”
What is in a short story? In simplistic language and with minimal ornamentation it will tell about some passing moments of life –some invaluable moments that are each day forgotten into oblivion! And when you complete it you will just think that your mind was not fully satisfied-it was not the proper end as you have imagined. from this standpoint, no doubt most of the stories turned out to be really good short stories-worth reading ,worth remembering ever and ever.
I can thus present all the twenty-six stories to you folks. But I think it will spoil your joy of reading these wonderful stories.
It will be better if you grab a copy now and start reading to get the pleasure of discovering yourself.



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