Mystery city of nine gates

For ages, human soul has searched for the true identity. The quest has always targeted towards transition from the ignorance to the truth, from darkness to light and from death to immortality! When that journey ends, human soul discovers the inner self. Self knowledge is all encompassing. Throughout the ages this quest led men to leave all other physical attractions of life like a snake sheds its skin. Siddhartha had left everything –his loving wife, his adorable son, his kingdom all, in attraction of being Bodhisatta. To this man no external light was required as the eternal light within his mind was capable of showing him the way in the darkest of paths. When you discover who you are you get the realization that thee- I have the power within me. No earthy attraction can bind you-you are the power above all powers. This is self realization when no more vices can be committed by him, anger, lust and all other hindrance no more can influence you. This is inner enlightenment.
But why I am talking so much about these philosophical things. Because our novel under review, the ‘City of nine gates’ by Pankaj Rajput is the song of this inner enlightenment. It is a thriller themed on Vedic times and Vedic spiritual ideas. There are mythological elements mixed with Vedic philosophical thoughts, casted in contemporary times-made this novel an enjoyable read.
Our protagonist Gyan is an atheist and a person who has amassed millions in business. But still he is unsatisfied-haunting for something which is still unknown to him. Exploration of archaeological sites is his real passion and that led him helping an archaeological team to discover one nearly five thousand year old site near the Himalayas, along the Ganges. There are certain rumours about the structure –local people calling the structure cursed.
What was there in the actual site? It does not seem to be a temple, not a fort either. It is a solid structure craved out of a single rock. And local people rumour that the whole place is cursed. Gyan was on a trail to discover the most startling revelation of his life- that the structure is the jewel to the crown to the mystical city of nine gates. Creating a wonderful story of Hindu mythology the writer described the reason for the city to be cursed, how that curse can be lifted and the importance of lifting the curse.
It was informed to Gyan that the most pious one is only capable of lifting the curse and to lead the city to liberation.
He was informed that he was the person to take this charge.
Thus begun a wonderful journey towards liberation.
It was a quest for Gyan to begun his wonderful journey to lift the curse on this mystic city-he along with his friend Parth(the son of the earth) discovered how mind encounters a state of bondage ,how the imbalance of various elements such as senses, feelings ,activity and mind can create distraction to human soul. He discovered how Budhi(spiritual awareness) and ahamkara(individual ego consciousness) and Vidya (knowledge) can infuse self realization in human soul-which leads to the end of the imbalance or liberation.
This discovery leads Gyan to ultimately realize who is Parth? What is the city of nine gates in reality is?
And what is the mysterious weapon that has led Gyan to start his quest actually is?
This wonderful journey does embrace philosophy, mythology, archaeology and physics. The story themed on Vedic times is one of the most astonishing works that I have read of late.
You may wonder if this ideals with heavy words-then it bounds to be boring. Do not worry, just start with it and you will addicted to it from page 1 .
Anything more about the book?
One clue- have you ever tried to know your true self?



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