Pure love-nothing else……

It’s scorching heat outside and just you have stepped out from the air conditioned environment – like from Alps to Sahara, like from refrigerator to a microwave oven.
Not a very conducive environment for a love story to take shape!
But mortal human is merely a puppet at the hand of the God and nobody can understand almighty’s move. So a perfect story of romance had just begun –just outside the Delhi Airport.
Not in reality-in Madhur Nevatia’s sweet little romance novella-“Your’s accidentally”. Gautam-our protagonist –an attractive cooperate top brass has just stepped out of Indira Gandhi International Airport. he was annoyed with everything –nobody there to receive him, the purpose of his visit, a future of unpleasant social gathering looming ahead are all adding fuel to the fire! And there she was-lovely lady arguing with the cab driver and they are literally swallowing her words! And he had a first impression of the lady
“She seemed to have a strange effect on him; his body was taut with unexplained tension, and the more she smiled, the more irritated he felt. While he fretted in the heat, she seemed to be Miss Congeniality personified. The fact that someone else was coping better under the circumstances made the usually rational Gautam irrationally indignant. He knew her kind, a pretty young thing with the brains of a butterfly whose biggest disaster in life would be the chipping of one of her perfectly painted nails; losing a favorite earring would most certainly translate to unmitigated trauma.”
So he was at the social gathering ultimately –of his childhood friend and wonder of wonders, discovered the lovely girl there once again. it turned out that she was the best friend of his friend’s fiancé.( relation is like a bit of jigsaw puzzle, isn’t it?). and the smart lady has the courage to make a mockery of her social behaviour in front of everyone. In the words of Gautam
“The comment was the last straw for Gautam. Here he was, trying hard to be civil amidst the chaos while that girl, a complete stranger, was taking liberties with him and had the nerve to call him ill-mannered. She should look in the mirror.”
I am reading the writing of Madhur for the first time and what attracted me was her narrating ability. Her story –weaved around a simple plot of straightforward love has progressed almost spontaneously. The ease with which she had made the story telling-almost effortlessly, has given a real life characterisation to the story, to the ambience and to the turn of events.
Now there is a bit of chit chat amid the colourful wedding which gives us an insight about the rich Indian culture and the conversations will reveal how they started to feel about each other.
He thought about her

“Judging by your attire, you have wealthy, indulgent parents. You have a job to earn pocket money, and more importantly, to lend an air of independence around you. Glamor attracts you and yes, you do seem to have a way with words. My guess is that you work in some creative firm like an advertising agency or an art gallery. And of course, deciding what to wear could be one of the most stressful activities in your life.”
And she thought about him

“If one were to believe them, you would be perfection personified, too good to be true.” Gautam was spellbound under her scrutiny. She turned towards his friends, “Rohan, Mihir are you guys sure he actually exists and is not some mystical creature?”
It was the end of the wedding but in reality the starting of the story.
Life is not always smooth sailing and Gautam was no exception. He had met with a serious accident and was taken to a clinic. And there he was proved wrong-horribly wrong! The lovely doll she had encountered with in the wedding is a doctor of the clinic and let us see how Gautam was in her language
““Fracture in his right hand, horrible ligament injuries in his knee and ankle, plus lots of other minor aches and pains. Can’t walk right now and has to keep his hand completely still. So in a nutshell, he is completely out of action for the time being.”
Well, my readers are intelligent enough to guess what. He is helpless but seductive. She is a doctor, but is attractive. And they are young, feeling attracted towards each other.
The million dollar question is where destiny will take them? Destiny had taken them together again, but will destiny play the card again?
As I have mentioned earlier it is a straightforward story without much twists and turns. And the utter simplicity of the story line has made this novella an enjoyable read-you can go through the covers in one go.
that’s why I loved this novella…….

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