He’s panting heavily.
Always he‘s loyal to me. Always he accurately spotted his prey, depending on his sense of hearing and smelling.
He’s Antares, who has never seen the light of the day
Nobody will believe that a blind dog can be a perfect hunting machine, but he’ll prove all wrong. Recognising my footsteps he tries to run towards me, but he can’t. “You must wonder what beholds you”-I thought.
‘You have come towards the end of your journey. I can’t bear your pain any longer, friend.’
I took out my R-15 that companied me and Antares many times throughout our journey. “You’ve always remained in dark; allow me to rest you in peace in eternal darkness.”

A sudden banging and everything gets calm.
Looking at the night sky I tried to spot Antares-the ever shining star.
“Mom, you always complains I’m dry as desert. You are wrong, mom”


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