He came back from the symmetry, exhausted, pitifully sad and lonely. Thirty long years they were together, with ups and downs, a relatively happy married life.
Now she has gone, giving him the responsibility of raising their only son. He looked inside the empty room expectedly, as if she’ll come from some corner with a steamy teapot.
Her dresses all around- her sign everywhere in the room, her body aroma all around…
“Let me arrange her dresses” he thought and opened her wardrobe.
Soon a small diary caught his attention. Inquisitive because he’d never seen it before, he turned the pages. She described in detail how he’d cheated him, day after day. How he’d developed illicit relation with their neighbour.
Thirty long years and he’d never suspected. He felt that his happy memories gradually evaporating.
He felt that he’s no longer feeling sad, but breathing a sigh of relief.


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