The second innings…..

If you have a first glimpses on her-to you she will not seem to be more than an ordinary girl. Moreover, her tired eyes will tell you she is badly in need of a rest- badly in need! And her pale face will tell you that she might be frightened-having just witnessed some work of terror-bloodless all way around!
But if you look more closely into the depth of her eyes-they will tell you a different story. There is passion to life, zeal to crush all obstruction and a dogged determination to triumph against all odds.
She is Navaneeta-a writer by profession and a crusader of life by passion. But that is not her real identity-she is a victim of thalassemia major (Cooley’s anaemia) that occurred just before her second birthday. Now she survives on regular blood transfusion. Or in other words blood from outside is her only way of survival. From her childhood she is a chronic patient of jaundice and frequent infection. Her mother-who is a passive carrier of the deadly disease, was her friend, philosopher and guide from those days.
‘’Mom, can I play on the playground’-she used to ask her mom, looking with her big innocent eyes-full of exhaustion and optimism!
‘Sona, you will soon get well and then play with them again’-her mother used to reply, trying hard to control her tears. She is a patient of most chronic form of the disease-and chance for her survival is razor thin.
But things may take a different turn in life-it hardly a matter of moments.

She was forced to abandon her study when she was a student of class seven. But if you think all doors are shut for her-then you are wrong, terribly wrong. She had a determination to reach the peak of success-to triumph against all tides, against all storms, against all odds.
Dynamism in life makes this life the most wonderful thing on universe-it never stops and this girl’s life was no exception. Her parents were a constant source of inspiration to this introvert shy young lady. When formal education had to be ended due to the ill health of the girl-informal education took the way. She studied her post graduation in comparative literature from the correspondence course. There she was a topper-mark wise.
But there her story does not end. She is introvert and took up blogging to convey her words to the world-her words of struggle. This is the story of a girl who has witnessed her death in front of her-felt the approaching footsteps of the cold winter every single moment, but never gave up. And that blogging gave her international fame. When UNESCO had organised an international bloggging contest, she won it. And from there she went from strength to strength. She wrote two novels since then and both were chartbusters.
This writer had the opportunity to interview the young lady, where she had replied in response to a question-“ Thalassemia has forced me to give up on many good opportunities, including great job offers, travelling to Literary events and meeting readers etc..
However, it has also taught me to make the best out of what I have. I have good writing ability and I’m trying to make use of that to build a good future for myself.”
Persons like those teach us the meaning of life-meaning of never giving of life, to stand against all obstacles.
We do not know where her second innings of life will take her-but she has shown however fragile the life may be, but the human will is indomitable!
Because after the darkest hour of night-first ray of dawn floods the earth!
(Name of the person is changed.)

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