A mantra of happiness…..

Happiness is a relative term-varies from people to people.
There is no absolute here in terms of happiness-with space and time and individual –the definition changes abruptly.
To a person who works on the nearby tea stall to your house, who has to wake up from sleep, when the whole world is asleep-happiness means something. And to the multi billionaire who is your boss in the office happiness mean something entirely different.
Happiness is a winged bird-which somebody can catch and somebody can’t. Those who are able to catch it-at some point of time may realise that it is not the desired thing they are after.
Speaking about happiness- a joke has suddenly crossed my mind. It is an old joke-before the era of the cold war.
A British, French and a Russian were arguing what is happiness.
The British told that happiness is returning from office in the evening after a successful day of work, reading newspaper in the cosy comfort of the easy chair and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and of course slightly patting the head of your pet dog who is sitting nearby.
The French said –‘you Englishmen, don’t know anything about true happiness. You are unromantic people. Listen to me- you go to an oriental country for a working assignment- feel the pleasure of sunshine and there you meet a beautiful lady who agrees to give you warm company and then she bids you adieu at the airport. Then you people can know what happiness is truly meant.’
The Russian was listening silently to their arguments. Finally he opened up his mouth and told-‘it is one at night. Suddenly you heard your doorbell is ringing. You opened your door and found some uniformed person asking you Ivan Petrovich- please come with us to the police station. When you will reply them –sorry, Ivan lives the next door-then you can only realise what happiness actually means.’
So no two persons can have same sets of happiness-it is like any two persons can never have the same fingerprints. I have also seen that with changing times –the definition of happiness changes with the same person.
When I was at my school days-small achievements in life were the plinths of my moments of happiness. Getting good marks, scoring a goal in the match, making a new interesting friend, capturing a wicket in a cricket match were my moments of joy. That was the time when I had first discovered that moments of joy are mixed with moments of tears. Happiness never comes alone-it brings with it some moments of pain- like after the day comes the night.
When I got a bit older and stepped up in college-moments of happiness started to take a new shape. Defining moments of happiness became the moments when I started the taste the forbidden fruit of freedom. Going in a night club, first moments of dating, socializing –these I thought were my moments of happiness-when my wishes started to have wings-when I started to breathe freely under the blue sky.
Or rather I have imagined these as my moments of happiness.
But were they in reality?
When I still grew older and stepped inside the sphere of work-the definition of happiness again started to take a new shape. Again ‘success mantra’ started to occupy my central stage thinking. To me happiness becomes synonymous with hopes getting fulfilled. And as the time progressed, the dimension of this hope thing changed. First they were smaller and as time progressed they started to become larger and larger.
And then one day I realised happiness lies in the moments- in the time when you live fullest. You only have the present moment in your hand- live it in your way to get a taste of happiness.
Because, happiness is a toast to the life.
Like enjoying a refreshing drink in a hot summer day!

For a new defining moment of happiness log on to
And watch


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