Breakfast with a difference…….

It is mouth watering, it is delicious.
And it gives a perfect start to the day. It is the propellant force for the struggle of the entire day.
A new dawn is a new morning to the life of the individual too and an ideal breakfast can equip us vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins and fibre- helping the brain and the body alike-a good breakfast full of the goodness of cereals is fine for our body metabolism, and a dash of fruit and vegetable makes it good for the entire body too.
Although we are aware of the fact that a good breakfast is synonymous with a perfect start of the day-we tend to overlook its importance due to the hectic lifestyle of the modern day world.
But we must remember that the breakfast is the first meal of the day and in no way can be overlooked. It may be a heavy meal to be prepared over a time or a light instant preparation-the importance of the first morning meal remains as it is.
We sometimes tend to forget that we sleep for almost 8-10 hours per day. At the time of sleeping our rate of metabolism diminishes considerably and that is why after waking up the first feeling that we feel is hunger. That is why the first meal of the day is so very important. Breakfast has a considerable linkage with improved mental activities and health benefits like weight control!
There are some myths surrounding breakfast such as those who have a habit of taking regular breakfast are prone to being overweight. In fact it is the reverse of truth. Those who take regular breakfast have a lower body mass index and are less likely to be overweight.
Now the million dollar question is – what constitutes a good breakfast? It should be full of fibres that t is good for the digestive system. It is responsible for balancing body weight to a level so that risks of diseases like diabetes, cancers etc. are reduced considerably. Not only is that it responsible for improved mental activities, too! And fibrous materials are chiefly to be found in cereals like cornflakes, oats; fruits, vegetables and pulses etc. that’s why a breakfast full of pulses comes so handy. And then sugar comes-the so called enemy of the health. But in reality it is far from being true- sugar enriches the taste of food and make it more appetizing. We also know that sugar can give calorie value to the diet. Sugar types like starch and glucose and fructose are thus should be an essential ingredient of an ideal breakfast. Vitamins and minerals are to be found mostly in fruits and vegetables and are chief architect of our body and mind. Without them our mind becomes exhausted and our body fatigued.
So just think of a breakfast that combines the goodness of cereals with that of fruit and vegetables-that gives you a perfect start of the day.
I just can’t help loving it-and a perfect taste –yummy, delicious.
Kellogg wale Guptaji ke Ghar nastha- I will definitely come!

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