Silence of thousand sounds………….

He will sit in his majestic posture- stay calm and composed- will perhaps watch an approaching stranger with a reluctant eye!

Because he knows he is the mighty beast-he has nobody to be afraid of!


Until, he senses danger-then the heavy body of the beast will move as swiftly as lightning crosses the sky- a movement will go through the air as fast as approaching storm and ……….

He is lion, the king of beasts.

Africans-the people from the Dark Continent-the land of sunshine-are somehow moulded in the nature of the king. Where death thrives- the African male has to know how to play with the danger- where to stay calm and composed and where to swing into action like a bulldozer.

Well, maybe not all the African males-but suddenly the protagonist of our story.

We are talking about the new novel ‘Noise’ by Brett Garcia Rose- a gripping story of suspense and thrill. Leon- the protagonist is an orphan-from the streets of Nigeria. Life was hard there-and the life had taught him many a lessons- the lesson to live, the lesson to destroy and…..

And the lesson to love…………..

To the world Leon may be deaf-but his destiny was not to remain in a world of silence. In spite of sound being exiled from his kingdom –his destiny was to feel sound with all his senses- sound that shook through his nervous systems.

Sound of begging, sound of begging pity and mercy, sound of demonic howling- all mixed up in a noise.

Noise that never let him sit calm and composed-like the majestic posture of the king……

The plot idea is very fresh and the writer has built up a pearl of a story from the plot- exhausted reader with cliché thriller plots will find it truly enthralling.

Now let us enter into the story. After ten long years she had been disappeared -her brother, our protagonist – received a letter- a chilling letter that tells a story of pain and agony-of unuttered sound. The letter took him to a trail to the city of New York- the city that never sleeps.

Lily- his sister may be his foster sister-but she was something more than that. in the words of the writer

“I can never not love Lily.”

And in this metropolis-the young guy is alone-alone with memory of his sister-

“My deficit in sound does not enhance my power of vision in the smallest of ways. I can only barely remember Lily’s face now, a deteriorating photo standing as the only mark in the fog between our times. But I still have the note. Ten years, the corners frayed and yellowed, the ink long since faded. I read it every day, several times on the lonely ones, thousands of times all told, unfolded and folded into pieces by now. She was seventeen then, I fifteen. There was nobody. There was no investigation. One policeman, one old family friend, telling us to move on. It was the Deep South. People survive. They overcome. They grit.”

Still he has to continue with the investigation- he found a reluctant ally in NYPD-two cops –Jane and Rico-for his help in the investigation?

Or did they actually?

Suspense thickens, mystery shrouds around their activities as the story progresses. Actually this unpredictability is the asset of the story and the reader is expected to corner such surprises at every page!

‘Ten years is a long time. People change. And New York is a hard place. They do what they need to do.’

And that trail of them-lead him to face a horrible truth-Lily getting trapped into a world of crime-where the mastermind- the sadistic Russian crime lord Bear fiddles with human dignity- where human flesh is traded –where death thrives at every step. But ‘given enough time, a small fissure in the ocean floor becomes a tsunami that wipes out an entire coastline a thousand miles away. Cities fold upside down in massive earthquakes and are swallowed up whole. A volcano becomes a thousand tons of molten rock, obliterating everything on its path.

A river becomes a canyon. A rabbit becomes a diamond. a continent vanishes into the  sea and is never seen again. A small boy from Africa becomes a murder. Nature kills us all

I want to go back home, but my home was always Lily.’

Will he be able to find Lily? Where the destiny will take Leon?

Will Bear and his men have to face the sword of Nemesis for the heinous crimes they have committed to thousands of Lily’s?

Will justice prevail?

through the entire story there is no physical presence of Lily-but her silent presence-her passion to life – her pain, her agony, her wish, her dream-like small  silhouette has rendered a new dimension altogether to this story. And the first paced story is narrated in such a way so as to give a visualizing effect to the reader.

And last but not the least-the characterization of Leon that made this suspense a work of class. a young guy-desperate to find his sister-in the man jungle of new York city-his only passion-getting past everything that may obstruct him. the reader at times, will shiver –at times will be at tears- will be at times , be joyous. The readers-in their unconsciousness will easily imagine them in place of Leon.

Because, this suspense story has the rare ability, to strike a note out of the guitar of the hearts……

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