Is he the fallen angel or Satan himself…….

He who’d always dreamt of ruling the universe had fallen among the dead. He who terrified mighty kingdoms, shook the world with his power, never let the human live peacefully- was thrown to the eternal darkness. He never loved god, he wanted to be the god. His wish was that millions would listen to his lies, serve his poisonous interest and follow him in his cruel intention.
God never tempts us to do anything. He leads us from our transient existence to the eternal self, from darkness of ignorance to the spiritual knowledge, from the fear of death to immortality. But Lucifer likes the opposite transition.
Revelation 12.10 says that Lucifer loves accusing god’s children of sin. His throne is in the hart of every sinner and claims his right over the souls who’d sinned against God. In order to make people blind, Lucifer can do anything including changing the Gospel so that believers are deceived. Lucifer is an imitator who likes people should worship him as the god. In Corinthians 11:13:15 Lucifer was seen transforming himself into an angel of light. He never reveals his true self; he is a thug who portrays himself as god-so that blind followers are tempted to follow him. He is a liar who is never worth believing-everything from his mouth is dangerous and reckless. In Genesis chapter three Lucifer tempted Eve fully knowing the consequence. In the book of Mathew chapter 4 Lucifer tempted the god himself in the wilderness-he is sure to tempt believers by holding himself better than god. He takes away faith in god as a personal vendetta so that the believer is trapped in sin.
That’s why Bible tells us that Christ came to this world just not to destroy sin –but also to erase his very existence.


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