A journey of destiny…….

It was a transition time for the human civilization.
The beast of the netherworld is threatening the very existence of human kind!
Is there anybody who can save the humankind being saved?
And in this moment of crisis, the War God Telm came to the rescue. After a fearsome battle, the God was slew by the beast of the underworld, but not before the beast was chained in the Hales.
At the expense of his blood-Telm saved the human kind………
Thousands of years had passed since then until……..
Until, a new threat is posing a new threat to the progress of humanity…….
The epic trilogy of the Children of Telm is a chronicle of the imminent danger in front of the humanity. Our book under review ‘The call of Agon’ by Dean F. Wilson is the first book of the series- a gripping story of fantasy that will describe the rise of the threat that once again is going to shatter the civilization like a piece of glass.
Story of fantasy it may be- but more than that the story represents human’s eternal quest towards dawn from the depth of darkness. Book one represents a journey that can only be compared with the journey of Sinbad the sailor. The story has it all-the realistic characters, a purposeful voyage and a neatly woven plot. Lost and forgotten epochs have been made alive by the writer. Ancient epics weaved with fantasy recreates an absorbing tale that is a true reflection of the medieval culture, history and legends!
Let us come to the story once again. God Telm has mated with human woman and the bloodline of Telm- although scattered with passage of time…..although weakened considerably due to grey time….but are still there on earth . And as the scroll of the dead god said they are for a special purpose on earth- to ensure the safety of humanity, to ensure that the beast of darkness remains under chains in Hales.
Ifferon, our protagonist of the story is a direct descendant of the bloodline of the dead god Telm- but fear forced him to confine himself in an isolated coastal monastery-as a follower of Olgah. The burden of saving the humanity is too heavy on his earthly small shoulders. It is a secret but it may not be kept as a secret for longer- as the forces of darkness is on a trail to the children of Telm. From the words of the chief clergy of the monastery, Teron, it becomes evident-
“Do you know what the Trial would do if they know you were here? They would hunt you down just as quickly as the forces of Agon, and they would probably be crueller in how they bring you to the doors of Hales.”
A child never fears darkness- because the child does not know what darkness signifies. Society injects the concept of fear in his subconscious mind-like Iferon was subjected to! The pain of Agon constantly echoes a word in the mind of the beast-revenge! Revenge! Revenge! And since Telm was long dead the entire humanity is his enemy. His single mission is to wipe out life. And anything that may be an obstacle-will be dealt with, mercilessly by the beast. Ifferon is the rival of the beast and so he has reason to be afraid. But he was unable to fathom his true potential. in the words of Teron
“His anger is unyielding, fuelled by his constant torment. He believes that his pain is spawned by the existence of this world, and thus in a final effort to cease his suffering, he will try to bring about the end of all life. He seeks peace, Ifferon,but not in the same manner as Man. He seeks peace for himself, within himself, a peace that requires a final war………you need to stop hiding and take control ,so that you can unleash your true potential, unlock yourself. When you do this you will realise what a child of Telm can do.”
But was our protagonist afraid unnecessarily? There were rumours in the locale that the dark forces are advancing to slay Ifferon- the dark forces serving Agon! In the words of Teron-“we are exposed in the darkness, our souls bearing all, weak against the onset of the storm. Our thoughts are clouded as the mist envelopes us. But we must not despair! We must face the darkness with power! Power shall lead us through this dark age.”
But were they able to defend the forces of night- were able to protect their monastery? Alas- the power of darkness overcame the power of dawn this time. But every night has a dawn …… so that there be light once again.
Ifferon was alive and escorted by Herr’Don –prince of Boror-and both of them took a journey- a journey that of destiny- destiny to change the future of mankind. the journey had lead to the discovery of dark forces of Agon-‘ they are a monumental enemy, a coven of thirteen deadly spirits housed at the dark fortress of Nahrogor, and they are ruled by the master of all darkness, the Lichelord, or shadowlord as he is sometimes called ,an emissary of the beast.”
They passed through many dreadful places in their epic journey- crossing the valleys of fear, of death, of darkness-“the rocks were solemn, heads of stone raised to the sky in selfless prayer. Every so often a crumble could be heard, and the scree from the mountains would come tumbling down to base the valley in an unstable fabric. And each of these noises built new fear in the minds and hearts of the wary travellers,”….
here they will find the brave knights-who may play a crucial role in accomplishing the mission, here they will meet with wise one who will give them valuable advice on the beast, here they will be a part of fearsome battles……..
And will there be an end of the journey?
Of course there is –but the reviewer does not know what Fortuna beholds for them at the end of the journey….it is left to the readers to discover where the destiny will take them.
Only we know that from the point of storytelling and narration-the book can provide readers with a realistic experience- a experience generally available on celluloid.

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