Tall Man Small Shadow by Vipin Behari Goyal- An interview of the writer on his book

Tall man, small shadow by V.B.Goyal is a very fascinating novel based on existentialism! The book blurb reveals the following about the book-
It is my debut English novel based on existentialism. Salil loves a shadow which transforms into many characters to reveal the secrets of life. Aalya, his neighbor, is doing research in English literature. Her guide Seema is a childless lesbian. Paul, husband of Seema, is a drama director. I am the protagonist, who coins philosophies for day to day events and my wife Sulekha is the second protagonist who makes coincidences happen with her artful manipulations. Read on to learn what happens when…
On the book, and strictly related to the books we have taken a short interview of the writer. He seemed to be tight lipped about the book most of the time,revealing little-
We have found the central character of Salil very intriguing. So we had asked him-
Salil –a central character of your fiction seems to be obsessed with the shadow of the Individual and tends to interpret the characteristic traits from the shadow of the individual. What prompted you to portray his character like that?
To which he answered-He is a real life character. He once told me that he is searching for the Soul in the shadows.
But we have not finished up yet. So we asked him-Again coming to Salil, who seems to be a determined guy able to stand against all odds in his quest and the same Salil tried to commit a suicide unable to cope with the pain of a breaking relation. How you are going to interpret this apparent dichotomy of his character?
To which he replied-Being a successful man is different from being able to cop up with a Break-up. On the contrary those who fail in relationship are more likely to succeed in career.
There is a lesbian relation portrayed in the fiction. we enquired- You have mentioned that a lesbian Seema,a central character of your story, is seen obsessed with lesbian relation in your fiction. What significance it holds in the turn of events of the story?
he replied-That such relations arise due to some type of vacuum in life and with the passage of time if vacuum is filled they become normal.
We then asked him-Nature seems to have a special place in the narrative. Does it have any special significance?
To which he replied-All types of trees and birds and descriptions of the nature are symbolic and support the philosophy of story.
Our question was-Will you mind sharing some glimpses of the moments that Anupam had shared in the company of five trees and two birds?
He replied- That is the moment of Self Realisation. Every individual has his own unique realisation.
Coming to the construction of the fiction we asked him, that the Storyline has been narrated from the perspective of five different people. How does each one’s narrative compliment for the others?
To which he answered-At least in this plot it was necessary. None other knew what was going on in the mind of the other characters. So they said it themselves.
And then we asked him-In a few words will you mind describing the quest for the true identity of life that the whole fiction has witnessed?
He replied to it-The quest is unending and there is no universally acceptable answer. The object of the book is to make readers ponder over issues and search for their own answers.
Finally we asked him-If you are asked to make a summary of the book in one sentence then how you are going to make it?
And he replied-I can’t. The book itself is summary of my long long thoughts.
We thanked him for his time and energy!

You can read the full review of the book at


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