My life and the beautiful search engine……

This is election time once again in my state-west Bengal and this time it is in the form of municipal election of kolkata Municipal Corporation.
One of my staffs has a duty as a election official in kolkatta and it happens that his place of duty is a stone throwing distance from my residence. So he asked me about the location and I tried to elaborate him the location-as best as I can! I thought and his body language and expression also confirmed that he has got it.
However, after a while when I entered his room again I was amazed to see that he is looking at google maps- his gaze is fixed towards the screen- the G.P.S map of the place has been opened. I thought with amazement- such is the divinity of google information that the human information has to be rechecked with it!
I am not telling that he was wrong-but he was very much right-cross checking it. But this small incident has greater significances. There is no doubt that the computerised mammoth database has diluted the importance of human brain. Human trust is slowly getting replaced by a new type of love- a love between the man and the machine. In a whisker- if you search for a classic work of fiction, search engines can search thousands of available sources- if the copyright is gone- like the genie of the Aladdin! And if you click in one of them- the whole fiction will appear on screen! Yesterday there was only project Gutenberg- and today there are thousands of such sites. But does the joy of reading of the good old days can be returned by these on screen readings?
Imagine it is a silent afternoon- there was no sound except the occasional chirping of a bird, and you are reading Robinson Crusoe- identifying yourself confined in a n isolated island- nobody was there except you- and you have to prove that Darwin was right- there is indeed survival of the fittest- and only a printed hardcover bound book in your hand. Will that joy be ever returned in this era of e reading?
When I was a student- there was no abundant use of audio visual mode as of today. There was old mode of chalk and talk teaching! But we too have to make projects- assimilate information. What we had to do? go to libraries- sometimes to eminent libraries like National Library- sometimes literally begging the card of some members- then getting the desired book and desired information after a long battle- the battle often marred with dirt and strange behaviour of the support staffs. But at the end of the day- I ended up feeling like Dr. David Livingstone- discovering Victoria waterfalls- the waterfall of knowledge.
But today it is all different. At the click of a mouse- you have all the information. wikipedia will tell you that, ezine will tell you this and thousands of online resources will make you an expert in the subjects in one single moment! Gone is the joy of discovering after a hard day’s labour- it is an instant meal for you! Now you just have to copy and paste and your work is done.
Thank God that there is some plagiarism checker over the net. Otherwise nobody would have bothered to read what he is copying and pasting. a generation of informed citizens will be created who do not have the slightest idea in which he is informed at…..
I can remember that in our greener days-when computer was merely a stranger to our third world motherland- I have came across a book of cartoons on recyclable uses of computers. Innovative uses were mentioned there- like the monitor to be used as a guest room showpiece or something like that. The illustrator- a software genius had the logic that we had got nothing from computer except sleepless nights and eye soars. Well, that thing can well be said about social media sites, when the click of a button now breaks or makes a relation-if at all it can be termed as a relation. One of my Israeli friends had once commented that the relation has been diluted with the flickering of a mouse.
Well if you give relation the sanctity of religion then it has indeed- but still ……
I have mentioned about the cartoon book, but just now I am unable to make out any more details from the brain about the book- the writer, details of cartoons. this is a hint that my grey cells of the brain are really getting greyer- probably it is the time to replace it with a google search engine and a high capacity hard disk and a fast processor and a …..
But will that artificial brain can tell me –what is right and what is wrong?


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