Redefining your world….

It is ASUS Zenfone 2-truly a futuristic phone that is going to change your idea of conventional smart phones for ever…….
First let us get enchanted with its ultra thin 3.9 mm edges-a marvel of engineering-making the gripping really well. The ASUS concentric circle design contributes to its beautiful aesthetics- making it really owner’s pride and friend’s envy thing! The concentric circle pitches are amazingly minimal- a mere 0.13 mm –a consequence of precision technology-giving it the wondrous look it deserves!
Stunning Looks
Marvelled by the look you must have been speechless for some time-now you must have regained your power of speaking-and your query is-ok, how about the performance? After all it is the performance that ultimately matters. Here the phone scored scores over the rivals.
Powered by an up to 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor and having a 4 GB RAM for ultra fast internet experience will make-no rather compel you to fell that all other smart phones are like stone age phones. In statistical terms that phone is going to give you up to 3 times faster for everyday experience and up to 7 times faster when it comes to gaming- my passion! The Intel® Atom™ Super Quad Core 22nm processor is a balance between amazing performance and brilliant battery efficiency.
For example you have a rush to book a tatkal ticket from Indian railway site. Sufferers only know how it takes to open the site and how the battery life gets compromised. Not any more-with this amazing Smartphone-your endless wait days are ultimately over!
An avid fan of gaming knows quite well how it feels when the pictures become dizzy- graphics movement suddenly starts to get stuck –all within an exciting session of gaming. These things are now a thing of the past- ZenFone 2’s PowerVR-G6430 graphics-processing unit (GPU) is here to give you high definition clarity……
And this is the world’s first Smartphone with 4GB RAM processor-and the dual channel technology is all set to change it all-it is up to 2 times faster than the phones in the segment. The response time is just 60ms, so that the screen gets alive before you can ever imagine. Probably it is an endeavour from ASUS to race with the imagination of your beautiful mind! There is a crystal clear anti –fingerprint coating too-allowing the Smartphone to look at you with the same charm for years……
Camera is a very important part in modern day Smartphone-let us see how the features are? It is dual camera of course-the 13 MP rear-facing camera coupled with 5 MP front facing camera with 85 degree rotation wide angel lens. it is the pixel master that increases the light sensitivity by up to 400% ,enhances noise reduction and light contrast ratio by four times. And the result?
Amazingly crystal clear snaps-even at low lights!
When the super resolution mode is enabled, resolution gets increased by 4 times-creating a more vivid picture!
Battery Charging
Battery charging is a headache for most of the segment phones-not this time with this amazing phone. With its BoostMaster technology your battery will get 60% charged up in just about 39 minutes. Virtually the charging time is reduced to half! And with LTE connectivity and dual sim slots- you are connected, always!
The all new ZENUI
ZENUI is like the genie of the magic lamp-ready to serve the master
With swift launching of applications, live wallpapers, icon packs and fonts. It has been provided with multiple sensors to give you hassle free interaction- you can only write C to launch camera or W for launching browser. Or just simply TAP TAB, or Swipe to launch applications in a flash!
There are hundred more reasons to choose this one. But why you are waiting for?
Go experience it.
Your world is sure to get re- defined!

*image courtesy-official ASUS Website*
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