Interview with dean f.wilson about the world of IRALADAS

This is the world of imagination-the world of the good and the evil-the world of the shadow and the darkness. It is the world of Iraladas- the epic series of the Children of Telm. Before we have the interview- a quck recap of the three parts of the series.
The Call of Agon (The Children of Telm, #1)The Call of Agon by Dean F. Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was a transition time for the human civilization.
The beast of the netherworld is threatening the very existence of human kind!
Is there anybody who can save the humankind being saved?
And in this moment of crisis, the War God Telm came to the rescue. After a fearsome battle, the God was slew by the beast of the underworld, but not before the beast was chained in the Hales.
At the expense of his blood-Telm saved the human kind………
Thousands of years had passed since then until……..
Until, a new threat is posing a new threat to the progress of humanity…….
The epic trilogy of the Children of Telm is a chronicle of the imminent danger in front of the humanity. Our book under review ‘The call of Agon’ by Dean F. Wilson is the first book of the series- a gripping story of fantasy that will describe the rise of the threat that once again is going to shatter the civilization like a piece of glass.
Story of fantasy it may be- but more than that the story represents human’s eternal quest towards dawn from the depth of darkness. Book one represents a journey that can only be compared with the journey of Sinbad the sailor. The story has it all-the realistic characters, a purposeful voyage and a neatly woven plot. Lost and forgotten epochs have been made alive by the writer. Ancient epics weaved with fantasy recreates an absorbing tale that is a true reflection of the medieval culture, history and legends!
Let us come to the story once again. God Telm has mated with human woman and the bloodline of Telm- although scattered with passage of time…..although weakened considerably due to grey time….but are still there on earth . And as the scroll of the dead god said they are for a special purpose on earth- to ensure the safety of humanity, to ensure that the beast of darkness remains under chains in Hales.

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The Road to Rebirth (The Children of Telm, #2)The Road to Rebirth by Dean F. Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some words for those who have joined late in this wonderful journey of fantasy- a journey to save the human civilisation from approaching doom. it was the penultimate battle between the beat of the dark-Agon and the war god Telm-in which the war god perished but not before he was able to chain up the fierce beast to the depths of the darkness-the Hales. It was days of prosperity for the human civilisation- until the chains of the Hales that confined the deadly beast that confined him to his position- stated to get loose-because they were no physical chains-but a part of the power of mind of Telm is entrapped inside the chains-and with times the power is considerably weakened.
If he can escape from dungeon-then there will be apocalypse for the human civilization-because the deadly beast will stop at nothing but before the annihilation of entire human race. Only the bloodline of Telm-is the only hope to the human species. One of the representatives of the bloodline is Ifferon-our protagonist.
Ifferon and his companions are in a quest to save the human race-to ensures that the beast remains chained- and the followers of the beast –the creatures of darkness are defeated.
But heir endeavour met with fire-they witnessed the death of the mortal body of a boy-inside whose body resided the soul of the father god, Corias! They again find themselves in a journey- a wonderful journey in which many friends may turn foes and foes may turn friends- a journey with fascinating happenings- to save the boy and ensure there is resurrection of the father god!
Will this be possible? Reader will swing in an epoch of possibility and impossibility in this most extraordinary adventure-where legends, folk lore, history all have been mixed up to create a true mirror of the medieval Europe – and the people and the land.

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The Chains of War (The Children of Telm, #3)The Chains of War by Dean F. Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s a saga of valour! It’s a saga of sacrifice! And it’s a saga of eternal quest of human from the darkness to the light!
The tale is epic in scope- depicting a journey against evil, a battle against darkness and indomitable human will. It’s an absorbing story of fantasy no doubt-but more than that it’s the story of humanity- the humanity that can fight relentlessly and fearlessly against what is evil -even in the face of death!
The children of Telm trilogy series is a work that tells the story of that human consciousness.
We are here to discuss the book three of the epic work by Dean F. Wilson –The Chains of War. Let us take a quick glance at first some background information related to the book. Years ago-it was a war of good versus evil- a fierce battle between the war God Telm and the beast of the netherworld. Agon ultimately became responsible to the death of the war god-but the beast was also got chained up in the underworld. There was peace and tranquillity in the upper world, until………
Until the chains that held him in place, started to loosen up, getting weak with passing years- giving the beast more and more freedom and ultimately
“But this time the thrashing and kicking was different. His upper arm pulled on the chain, and it did not pull back. It did not tighten, but grew looser, until the very jaws of the metal ring no longer had any bite. And so with another angry strike he broke the chain, and he held up his freed arm like a trophy, and he banged his fist upon the stone roof above in victory.
All the Hales heard, and all in Iraldas heard.
The call of Agon has been answered.”
It is a matter of time before the beast gets himself freed from dungeon and lashes his terror to the peaceful human world.
The war God was long dead, is there anyone who can behold his mighty power?
The father God Corrias has resurrected just in time to stop the avenging beast-but will he be able to stop him? Is he mighty enough?
Is there any glimmer of hope?
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So ultimately we got the young writer talk to us- for an interview for the epic series of Children of Telm. It was a frank interview where we have discussed at length about the series. Here it is
Our question was- In the epic trilogy of Children of Telm- how have you divided the time frame of the story in three parts?

He responded-There is a natural division in the story, with the first book being essentially a tragedy, the second a story of resurrection and redemption, and the third a story of the ultimate war between good and evil, and of literal and figurative prisons. The three books combined are one complete story, where the reader needs to have read the previous volumes, but each book has an overall theme running through it.

We asked him-How your storyline has been influenced by the folk tales and legends of Ireland? Frankly speaking, in my personal opinion the character of Telm may have been influenced by the Norse mythological god-Thor.

It was a sensitive question and he told us-I have studied the mythology of many colours, including Norse, Roman, Greek, and Celtic. All of these have been influences to some degree, but I try to give my own twist on the tales.

For example, in the Underworld of my story, there is a giant wolf called Echarin, which means the Unsleeping, and he is a counterpart to Cerberus of Greek and Roman mythology. The big difference, however, is that Echarin does not have three heads, but rather his head appears different depending on the angle he is looked upon, and so he may greet some with a merciful form, others with a severe form, and others still with a form inbetween. Only one of his “heads” sleeps at a time, so he is always awake, always Unsleeping, and thus makes the perfect guardian to and from the Underworld.

Then we asked-The character of Herr’Don reminds me sometimes of Richard the lionheart. However this is my personal opinion. Will you like to share something with our readers about this character?

He answered-
Herr’Don is the outcast Prince of Boror, shunned by his father and the royal court for his eccentric behaviour. He is a skilled warrior, and lives for battle, but many see him as unstable. He is constantly boasting, giving himself titles like Herr’Don the Great, and he yearns for recognition, for his name to live on in legends, and is inspired by the deeds of Délin Trueblade, a renowned knight of the neighbouring land of Arlin.

Next we asked-There are poetic beautiful narrations of landscapes-throughout the whole series. How important you feel the influence of environment and landscape in your story?

He responded-The Children of Telm is largely a story about language. It is the Last Words of Telm that cast the Beast Agon into the Underworld, and it is those same words that are captured in the Scroll that Ifferon bears. So, language plays a pivotal role, and I wanted to enhance this by including multiple invented languages for the people of the world, and several poems that show the history of the world, and reflect the thinking of its people, especially Yavün, the young poet seeking adventure. Likewise, the entire style of the book is, as some readers describe, “lyrical,” and this is not only because this is how I enjoy writing, but because it was a necessary style to generate the right atmosphere for the story.

The descriptions of landscape follow naturally within this style, and are important for transporting the reader to the world of Iraldas. If you feel you are there, it is easier to care about the characters and the plot.

There is no active involvement of the God in the fight between the good and the evil. Does this have been influenced by the immortal Greek epics?

And he told us-Spoiler alert! The father god Corrias does actively battle the Beast Agon in Book 3, but it was the Warrior-god Telm that defeated Agon previously, and it cost him his life. What we find in this story is that the gods are actually trapped in the heavens, and cannot affect the world below, unless they incarnate in mortal form. If they enter the world of Iraldas, they can never go home, and will eventually die. So we see that even the gods themselves can perish, and some willingly make that sacrifice.

And then-How important is the character of Ifferon and what is his role in the story?

He told us-Ifferon is pivotal to the story, because he is one of the few remaining Children of Telm. With the risk of Agon gaining freedom from the Underworld, it is only the legacy of Telm that stands in the way. Ifferon is a reluctant hero. He had his days of adventure in his youth, and he just wants to live a quiet life. He is forced to risk all for the good of everyone, man and god. Many look to him for leadership, even when he does not feel like a leader.

We asked him-He may be evil-but the storyline revolves round him. Will you mind sharing your thoughts about the beast of netherworld-Agon?

He told us-The Beast Agon was a creation of Molok, the Animator, who was jealous of other gods’ ability and permission to make new life. Agon was not so much created, but tortured into existence. His every moment of life is torture, and so he is motivated by a desire to end not just his own life, but all life, which he believes will give him the freedom from his agony. He is a purely destructive force, and so while Molok set out to create, he ended up bringing into existence something that solely wants to destroy. Agon consumed the power of Molok, and consumed the power of many of the other gods, and it was he who brought an end to the immortality of the gods, and it was he who broke the bridges that link between the heavens and earth, trapping gods on either side. All life is threatened by him.

Our next question was-Journey seems to have been played a vital part in the development of the plot. Will you mind sharing a bit about some fascinating journeys that enriches the trilogy?

He responded-There are so many lands and peoples in the story, it was important for me to show some of them to the reader, so they knew just what the world was like. The story mostly focuses on the eastern side of Iraldas, but we encounter numerous races, including Man, Aelora, Ferian, and Taarí. The journey allows me to reveal the characters and the world, and give an inkling into the history and back-story that is pivotal to the plot.

Next in the pipeline was-Resurrection of a dead god- what is the significance of this in the plot?

He answered-Spoiler alert! Since it is impossible to travel between the heavens and earth, the father god Corrias incarnates in the body of an Al-Ferian boy. His power would be diminished in this form, but he would be able to affect the world in a way that was not possible before. Things go wrong, and the boy is killed, but there is an Al-Ferian ritual to restore the life of the deceased, at the cost of them never being able to become a tree (an important desire of this nature-loving race, which sees this transformation as the true immortality). The resurrection of Corrias is pivotal in stopping, or at least slowing down, Agon, but it’s also an important thematic element, showing that we can fall, but we can also rise again. In many ways, this is what happens to all of the characters throughout the story. There is, in essence, a resurrection of the body, a resurrection of the mind, a resurrection of the heart, and a resurrection of the soul. The mysteries of life and death are something that has fascinated humanity for time immemorial, and were something I wanted to explore with this story.

Our last one was-Do you have any future planning of development of such stories –that combines history with mythology, folk tales and legends?

And he told us-I do hope to explore more of the world of Iraldas in future tales, but I am mostly focused on a new steampunk fantasy series at the moment called The Great Iron War, which tells the story of a world where there are no more human births, where people are being replaced with demons, and where there is a desperate struggle to survive.
Then we thanked him for his time and energy.


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