A new kind of league altogether…….

Cricket is called the most scientific game-where the game strategy is explored by the application of science! Sometimes it is said that emotion helps in winning the game-the game is won through heart-but it is not always true. Because emotion is ok-it can be taken you to a certain height-but when you are bating against eleven opponents-single handedly, standing in the crease alone- you need to have something more than emotion. Here the brain needs to talk to your heart-every single minute, every single second and every single passing ball. That is the beauty of cricket-the beautiful game of cricket! reflex of the player needs to be exceptionally quick-when the ball coming to you at the fraction of a second ,at a speed of 140+ kilometre speed, your brain should be prepared to walk at a breath necking speed. It is not only true for the batsman-but equally true for the wicket keeper or the fielder. And the bowler is also not the exception-at every delivery he has to gauge the weakness of the batsman- he has to think-okay at this length the guy will find it hard to drive, if the ball moves from here then the ball will crush the stumps before the batsman reacts!
Pardon me-in my discussion I am using the masculine term for so long-actually in our unconsciousness it is deep rooted in us that cricket is the game of men-it is all masculine domain. The girls are full of emotions-easily gets carried away and woman are not suitable to live up to the expectations of highest standard of cricket. But let us not forget the fact that the Indian woman cricket team started playing only in 1996/97 when they played a six match series against West Indies. And within a span of seven years they had won their first Asia cup in 2004 and won three more Asia cups subsequently! The Indian cricket team reached the final of the 2005 World cup also.
But look how many girls do play in India. It is A microscopically few when compared to number of boys playing cricket in India. There are hardly enough players if there is cricket at state level for women. But no doubt those women have proved their worth in women’s cricket in India. Then why the picture in respect of quantity is so dismal?
One factor may be the sponsorship of women cricket. When compared to their male counterparts, hardly any sponsoring companies are coming towards women cricket. Have you ever seen any woman national level cricket player doing a single endorsement? Well, you may have, but honestly speaking I am not!
So what is the way out? One thing that is lacking is that there is dearth of enough competitive crickets. There are so many cricket leagues for men around the world-and big boys gets big money playing under the floodlight. But not a single one for woman!
Well it seems that the wait is ultimately over and women are going to lead from the front again. An international woman cricket league is going to start soon- redefining the moment and rewriting the script of sports history!
Hats off to Kapil for his epoch making venture-soon we will be used of saying “batswoman” instead of “batsman”.

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