Happy days are here again…….

Life is not the same static one that was years ago. It is the dynamic lifestyle that best suits the dynamic generation of today. Now people have to do things on a go and be a multi worker at the same time, the old proverb ‘Jack of all trades, masters of none’ –is getting redefined. Today’s jack’s are basically doing all things and at the same time mastering over all things-thanks to the technological advent. Now the people have a Smartphone on their hand and it is doing works for them. It is amazing-how can a small Smartphone can work out to be your virtual secretary- managing everything for you as your loyal employee-starting from managing your bank accounts statements, managing your debits and credits, managing your social life. In a nutshell-the genie of the lamp is back in a new avatar in a Smartphone.
well, I must say I am a little bit old fashioned and for years I have managed with a old Nokia phone- but currently I have clearly seen the benefit of the small wonder-and upgraded to a Smartphone of my choice. Now life is different- if not I say easier. It has a good processor and good RAM speed-so internetting is a lot easier now! I am always in a search out for good apps which can make my life easier-this Airtel app came as a boon to my little android thing. It is really marvelling-with its dynamic features and easy to control interface. Let us check some of its outstanding features-
there is a dedicated ‘I want to’ tab on the menu where I can want to save the most frequently used applications- the applications that comes to me handy in my everyday life. Here I can access the following applications at the touch of a fingertip-
1. Bill payment- all necessary bill payments for which I am bothered will be taken care of
2. Recharge- recharge of my account on the go. no more worries about internet, no hassle-life is easy.
3. Check my recharge history- worried about whether you have recharged your account? What to do? No more worries- now it is the play of your finger-literally!
4. Data consumed-and how much data I have been consumed? How much is left in my account? Will I be able to surf for the next couple of hours on facebook? Previously all these matters have been haunting you, but now these things are matters of history.
5. View balance- you can now what is your available balance in a whisker.
And again recharging my mobile or DTH and payment of post-paid or fixed line bills are now a children’s game! The card details can conveniently be stored for a faster checkout now. The bill can be tracked now on a real time basis. And above all the app can give me an impression that it is just tailor made for me. What a wow feeling!
And that’s not all. It alerts me when I am running low on my available data-and available balance when I am low in balance. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
There are thousands of reasons for choosing this master blaster app! But what’s the use of listening to me? Why do not you download it yourself?
And taste how your world is redefined!
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