Towards a new world….

This is an absorbing saga of love,hatred and hatred- set up in a historical timeline.
Here’s what the blurb says about the book
For young Tiraa, a joyful visit to the town’s Temple Sanctuary turns terrifying through the lustful attentions of the Chief High Priest. For most girls there would be no escape from his lecherous intentions, but her mother, Zayaa, is an extraordinary woman of indomitable courage and unconquerable spirit. She is an albino, her skin the color of milk and her hair white as sand. The Gods themselves have ordained her The-Dreamer-of-Truths-Yet-to-Come. She is The Pparahan Oracle and she is determined to save her daughter against all odds. The Pparahan Oracle follows the adventures of a father and daughter who are sentenced to death for looking different, of a town that is destroyed by mysterious floods, of a leader who is banished for being kind to his people, of twin brothers who make it their mission to fulfill the dreams of others, and of an Akkadian who travels from Sumer to Meluhha in search of the fabled White Gods of the Great Northern White Mountains. This historical adventure follows its fascinating characters, as they travel between Meluhha and Sumer, over strange lands and rivers, and from flourishing plains to sky-scraping mountains, on a journey filled with love and hatred, friendship and animosity, hope and despair, laughter and tears, and revenge.

And our review of the book is
She is beauty beyond compare- only she is completely snow white. Snow white she is in a literal sense- she is an albino beauty.
It was a story of thousands of years ago- in those days such body colour was a subject of suspicion? Was she a witch?
To escape the eyes of her hometown folks- began an adventurous journey of father and daughter duo- to a safe town. Or perhaps they have imagined so.
Everything was safe and secured for our lady- Zaaya-until she found the man of her desire-her prince charming. It was like a cakewalk- they married in the temple sanctuary.
Or it is the beginning of their ordeal.
There she caught the eye of the chief High Priest of the city- his lustful eyes.
In the name of wish of the god- married Zaaya was sacrificed to the lust of the honourable men who happened to be the rulers of the city states those days.
Zaaya had had enough of it- but when she realised that the eyes of her apple –her dear daughter Tiraa-is going to be the next prey-she could bear it no longer.
And then began a most extraordinary tale from the pages of history-that does not only reveal the human emotion-but also reveals the culture, lifestyle and customs of those days.
The timeline of the story is in most probability the timeline of the Indus valley civilization. The historical novel is like a time machine-where the reader gets a time traversing experience. Everything you visualize- the developed architecture of the city state, the painful punishment of the stakes, and the destruction of a sinful civilization (I am not talking about Atlantis)……
But nevertheless it is a fiction after all- not history-so will the courageous woman will be successful in her endeavour of revolting against the religion? Will the sword of nemesis strike the culprit-who escaped doing everything sinful in the clout of a man of religion?
Well- be patient and read the book-where you can explore thrilling twists (yes. in a historical novel).It is an absorbing story-where fiction is in perfect harmony with history. Here imagination is at its zenith-yet history is not neglected. The writer no doubt made extensive research works in respect of reconstructing the pages of history-when there were no written pages at all.
Well-let’s not forget in all ages human mind is hard to fathom.

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