Crutchman by Ashok Pal- a review

Crutchman is a fascinating story of a physically challenged boy -in a struggle against all odds.
Here is what the blurb says about the book-
For some, he was a four-legged animal while for others; he was a dog without a tail. For most people, he was a man who walked with the help of crutches. But for himself, he was a “Crutchman” whose extraordinary power was his “will power”. Welcome to the world of Akash – who, in spite of his disability, strives hard with the help of his two friends, Darsh and Nakul to create his own destiny. Darsh had fallen for a girl whom he had met on a blind date while Nakul’s eyes were set on a married woman. Although each one of them had their own issues to deal with, their viewpoint towards one thing was common: and that was finding a JOB – which they believed stood for ‘Joker of Boss’. Will their crazy business ideas help them conquer the world? Or will they succumb to the pressure of betrayal, corruption and hardship that comes their way while chasing their dreams?

And here’s our short review of the book-
He was a target of the world around him- somebody viewed him as he was an animal just escaped from the zoo- for some he was a subject of pity-and for somebody he was a target of relentless fun.
Only somebody near to his heart realised his true potential- dubbed him as Crutchman as somebody like superman.
Crutch man because he was lame-physical deformity transformed within him some kind of magic- magic to make impossible possible- magic to have an indomitable will that can triumph against all odd.
Admission into a prestigious management institute was proved a harbour of his innovative thoughts on management- where he soon started to have some essential teachings of life- realizing values of friendship and romance- and also the difference between practice and theory……..
The primary target of the musketeers soon turned out to be land on a decent job- or rather be a joker of bosses-doing everything that the management works- like the puppet driven by a string!
Where the destiny will take our protagonist? Will he get a decent job- like billions of run of a mill people? Or his innovative and to some extent cranky business ideas will make him a shooting star? Or a flop?
Or the corruption at every stage of a glorious country called India will make him a man of the road- wiping out last drop of energy from him?
Oh well-we forget about his romance! What will happen to it?
Read to discover a brilliantly written coming of age novel on the life of a next door boy- who has never forgot to dream.
And we all believe that one day will come-when dream no longer will remain a dream.
Like the boy of the story-which in my judgement is everyone’s story.
So common-yet so uncommon……..

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