Hunter or hunted- story in a glorious country

An intriguing thriller set up in the backdrop of contemporary India.
Here’s what the blurb reveals about the book-
‘I was born in a mentally retarded country.’ Thus begins this provocative, stylish and racy literary rant against India by a twenty-four-year-old awaiting capital punishment. When Dr M Vidyasagar (‘Sagar’), retired chief of CBI, gets an unusual request from his old friend and the President of India to privately investigate if Vikrant Vaidya – sentenced to death for motivelessly killing his teenage neighbour Iqbal – is innocent or not, little does he know how convoluted a conspiracy he is setting foot in. With a narrative that springs forth from and weaves its way through the Emergency, anti-Sikh riots post Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Ram Janmabhoomi Rath Yatra, anti-Mandal Commission protests, economic liberalisation, Babri Masjid demolition and Godhra riots, readers will find themselves in the grips of a chimerical tale, asking and answering the question: Is India truly a mad nation?
Here’s is the review of the book-
Rarely have I seen a book with a neat social fabric is filled up with suspense of a thriller. Autobiography of a Mad Nation is such a book which has a direct narration –sharp as arrow to expose the irony of the world’s largest democracy and at the same time make you read the book at a breathtaking pace.
An eccentric so called murder- a President who has every potential to lead a Presidential form of Government –but is compelled to be a puppet thanks to the system and a retired CBI head forms the plinth of a novel. The supposed murderer- murdering a local goon – offers a little piece of evidence to the president which the president could not oversee. His primary reaction of surprise let him to engage the old chief-his old jackal to look after the trail of the murder. The murder takes the former chief to startling revelation that how the big holes in the murder story have not been repaired and still death penalty was awarded. Events and reactionary events led him to such murder mysteries-all identical……
Clues get gathered and detection and motive compelled the chief to go to the flashback of our glorious nation- exactly in the year 1991-the year in which our door was allowed open to the outside world. A batch of students-a drama- the content-all catalyses these murders, somewhere. And these students are all honourable men now. How are they involved? And most importantly why are they involved?
A colourful canvas of contemporary India dating back from the days of emergency to the Godhra train burning misfortune and consequential genocide at Gujarat is the theme of the story – exposing the true worth of the democracy where the people may have been given political equality but miles to go before social and economical equality does come. And without that- the democracy is a farce! Here angry people may watch in dismay, what in going around –but there is no angry young man to lead them into battle-battle against corruption, battle against nepotism, battle against tyranny…………
Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…..
Because jargons are jargons after all……..
And the message of judgement will continue to weep in solitude…..
Unless there is a storm…..
The earth is heated- a sign of the approaching storm?

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