Kitty Hawk in the land of the Vikings…..

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #3)Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A heated piece of lead whistled past her ears –hardly an inch away was-the trajectory and it would have been the question of life and death!
This is a new experience to Kitty Hawk-who has revealed mysteries earlier-but not at the price of her life!
And footsteps were following her- they are ruthless, professionals-will show her no mercy!
Its suspenseful, it’s thrilling and it reveals a lot about the past and present of Iceland- in terms of people, culture and landscape.
I do have a slight suspicion-whether Kitty has a hunch for trouble or troubles do follow her wherever she goes. But what may be-this time she is in her second phase of globetrotting spree-coming to Iceland en route solving the mystery of wrecked ship-in her lovely little seaplane!
This time Kitty is discovering the rough beauty of the Iceland- the volcanoes, the rivers, the geysers-and of course the geothermal and hydroelectric power projects and of course-the aluminum smelting industry.
But in the land of the Vikings-her attention is diverted towards something not as calm and quiet as the landscape.
And the multibillion dollar power industry is in jeopardy-is it a sabotage? Kitty plunges deep into the mystery.
And a shoe gives her trail to something…………
In a public meeting of land and energy development she first met Albert-working on a smelting process of aluminum –consuming less energy.
But can he complete his research peacefully? Or corporate vultures get after him?
Can Kitty be able to untie the complex knot of mystery this time?
First racy narration coupled with sense of humour of Iain will take readers to far distant land –presenting a three dimensional movie effect that is sure to mesmerize the reader for quite some time after the last line of last page is finished.
One aspect that I have noticed in Ian’s writing is worthy of sharing with readers before I finally wrap up this review. Gradually I am becoming a fan of Kitty’s villains! Villains in the stories of Kitty are not evil intending, satans! Somewhere they steal the sympathy of the readers in their acts. They are merely driven by some emotions-deep within their heart-maybe it is greed…….
But they are not bad men ………only victims of circumstances!
That’s why their acts always end –perhaps with a drop of tears!

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