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Upon Destiny's SongUpon Destiny’s Song by Mike Ericksen
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The heat is scorching- the ground turns as hot as a bed of burning charcoal.
They are on a quest of their dream- to a land where there will be peace for them- wealth for them-happiness for them!
They are on their foot-they had to cover an average of ten to twelve miles on foot-that too carrying their own belongings in handcarts.
Every bone –every muscle-every joint in their bodies are rebelling against further movement.
It is one step forward-one step closer to their dreams.
Flies, gnats, mosquitoes- all are taking their tests. Tests of patience-tests of ability! As if the whole world has conspired against them in their will of reaching their dreamland! Their tender skins were bitten by horseflies- leaving them swollen!
Their feet son developed blisters- but they should go on!
They have to reach…

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