Ayana in the wonderland


the dragon of the month clubthe dragon of the month club by Iain Reading
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They are voyaging on the blue ocean- the endless ocean-like Columbus did years ago.
There is a slight difference though- the sailors were about tom rebel against the great sailor- and the pets of our protagonists are as loyal as it can be.
If such adorable pets are available, who will need a dog?
There are some minor differences though- two kids are cruising on that journey- on the back of their pet- happily flapping its wings to propel through the water.
A cool ambiance is prevailing on air and on sea.
They are yet to discover that in a few moments the environment will be completely different. A hungry pair of jaws with sharp teeth will target them-as if a ship has been targeted by a submarine. Its periscope eyes are measuring their location-…

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