The dark secret


The Things We Don't Say Out LoudThe Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by Rochelle Walters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She is a bit nervous-a bit tense- a bit afraid too!
After all this is her first step to the world of independent hosting of her own show-a show that was previously made very popular by her predecessor!
It is five minutes left to be on air- and still her guest is missing! After all her guest is a celebrity-and a name of the community.
Her blood pressure is raising high- will her propeller plane of will, will crash land-or will it have a successful take off?
When she is nearing the point of her nervous breakdown-then suddenly ……
this is a gripping story with a mosaic of relation-the ups and downs of psychological world-a world where relations are made for getting broken- a world where mental cliff-hanger between the characters takes them towards…

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