Sword of Nemesis


The Avenging ActThe Avenging Act by Tushar Mangl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She can feel a sharp sensation inside her-as if a rod of fire is tearing her inside.
She can feel a pain throughout her own body-the claws of a savage starved animal is satisfying his long period of starvation.
She is yet to realise what has just happened to her-or what is going to happen to her……….
Only she can now feel through every string of her nerve-that the dawn of the next day will no longer be the same for her-no more birds will be flying-no blue sky will gaze happily to her- never the sun will shine so brightly that she has seen only today.
It will all be dark-an all prevailing darkness of morning.
Like a nightmare, faint sounds are coming –seems they are coming from galaxies away- a sound that has its origination ages…

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