Looking back to her world


Twisting My KaleidoscopeTwisting My Kaleidoscope by Shannon Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everyone around her is an enemy of her.
She has a feeling that the world is watching her every move-waiting for her to take a false step. She also has a firm belief that with her power she can help people-only she has forgotten how to use them.
She started imagining that the male population is keen on controlling her special magical charm-that is why they are after her. She started to have a sensation of repulsion whenever a man came near her-as if he has an evil intention for her-as if he is going to commit a heinous crime.
Even she started to suspect her husband for putting her into hospital-he must have planned a profit running venture in putting her into hospital. He must have put her into hospital to live a life king size-of his…

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