Lost glory and hidden treasure-tryst with history


A black sedan is following kitty and Andrew-and with every passing second the distance is reducing.
Kitty was yet to grasp what has just started to happen-as if a Hollywood action movie chase sequence is being enacted in front of her-unfortunately her being a very much alive part of it.
Andrew suggested an idea- at the crossroad kitty will get down from the car, with the picture and Andrew will continue to drive- deceiving their followers in black sedan. She will hide behind the sphinx statue-and when everything gets normal they will meet again. This is his Plan A-if that does not work-she will just go to the water and start the jet ski and speed up to go out of sight.
Foolproof plan-isn’t it?
But kitty has not kept in mind her inquisitive nature-something caught attention of her –made her excited.
It was the hieroglyphics.
She forgot everything in…

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