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Everybody has a story... These are ours...Everybody has a story… These are ours… by Audrey N. Lewis
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Like they say-‘what’s in a name?’-It can similarly be asked-‘what’s in a successful short story?’
A short story is a collection of passing moments in life-thousands of moments that are sunk into oblivion everyday-moments that are as priceless as the drops of pearly tears-priceless as the bright sunshine like laughter.
And a short story will never ever get finished. Because it is the glimpses of the dynamic life-and life never ends-always it keeps on moving-in joy and in grief-in hope and in despair.
A short story is like the reflection of the surroundings in a pond……………
Everybody Has a Story-Here are Ours by Audrey N Lewis is an anthology of seven short stories-like the seven colors of rainbow. All the shades of color have been painted by the writer with bold brushstroke-thematic imagination…

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