simply horror-nothing else


It is a Cold-shivery night. You are under the warmth of your blanket-asleep. Suddenly your sleep is shattered like a broken glass.
A nightmare that has of late become a daily feature of your sleep, has struck again today. You know that for the night there will be no more sleep on your eyelids.
Are you going to be an insomnia patient?
Or the nightmare that haunts you every night has something to deal with your subconscious?
And this night-will it be the same as every night or will be something different?
The attraction of dark, horror stories to the minds of the readers is timeless. Practically we do enjoy such stories more than any genre-yes, I repeat more than any genre. Probably there is a dark side-an unexplored side of the human psychology-about which the individual have little consciousness. There is a constant conflict between the dark and theā€¦

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