To the kingdom of darkness


Jack tried to recollect his memories once again. He was inside a cave-and everything was pitch black around him.
He could not see anything-only his senses are telling him that something horribly unpleasant is going to happen.
What he could think was that he had opened the lid of the trunk-it was a free fall for him through the trunk, like he had fallen for eternity and now he is there –a sensation of chill is passing through his spine. He can feel rattling –a rattle snake? How it could be? Will the end come this way? Away from family-nobody knows where-the venom of poisonous snakes will make him blue.
Soon he realized that not one-but countless baby rattles are crawling-crawling around him. Suddenly he felt that the ground below him trembling. The baby rattles were away from his body. It was a sensation of relief for him-but it was…

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