Simply amazement-nothing else!

It is a revolution-a new age cutting technology that is all set to change the face of modern India.
Smartphone is now a part and parcel of the world around us-it is no more a commodity that is a status symbol or a luxury. Data streaming is now required on the go-be it reservation of a railway ticket, or goggling a few information that is required urgently amid a project meeting or downloading a mvie that is not at all available in the market.
Your Smartphone can be really smart-with a super fast processor, with a ram that can deliver astonishing speed-but unless you have a service provider that can give you really fast speed –you are on a soup!
Have you ever imagined that you are struck within a presentation-you need some data urgently –and your internet surfing sucks? You know that this presentation is the make or break up point of your career- but the site does not open up. You are sweating even in the comfort of a chilled air conditioned environment inside-rather a chill is flowing down through your spine-just thinking what will follow next.
Or imagine your old parents have to go on a journey for pilgrimage-there is heavy rush for the ticket and your only hope is the tatkal reservation. You are trying to fight the battle of your life with your Smartphone- but you simply cannot enter the site. Just try to imagine……..
These are moments of betrayal –moments when with utter disappointment you will whisper-‘et tu, Brrute? ‘These are moments when you would like to shout in despair-so my Smartphone-my good old Smartphone-you have betrayed.
But is it the fault of the Smartphone? Or your internet provider?
No such embarrassing moments will approach with Aircel 4G. With a reliable service network around the country- it is all set to change your notion of internet. The wireless broadband service is set to make the privileged customer smart, very smart-it is an all new experience for the home and the workplace. Like a magic-data will be uploaded or downloaded. It is a heavy graphic file for download-there will be absolutely no problem. Or a movie of nearly one gigabyte-there will be no problem at all. Have you ever imagined you are down loading a full length movie through your Smartphone? With the Aircel 4G LTE service this will no longer be a dream.
Customized service is what going to make this service stands apart from other service providers. With a large amount of band spectrum across eight states-it is invariably going to be the market leader! The home customers will experience amazing experiences-internet access was earlier never been that quicker-and there will be no hang up to make you annoyed, smart television will be there on the go, there will be virtual home solutions.
So what are you waiting for? It is your turn to be mesmerized…..

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