Death at every step…..


The Combat ZoneThe Combat Zone by Jed Power
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A blind rage has overpowered his heart.
It was all the fault of the lieutenant-his comrade would have been saved. His boss let him die. Malloy kept on saying Johnny is alive and his commander kept on insisting that Johnny is dead as a stone. He kept on insisting that they keep moving.
On the battlefield-commander is your destiny. But still can you let your pal die knowing fully well-he is alive…..
When they –Malloy and his fellow soldiers mustered the strength to disobey their commander-in a desperate bid to rescue Johnny-there was not much left to be done. He was shot at point blank-bayoneted-what remain are only scattered body parts of Johnny.
That night Malloy could not sleep-a burning sensation is flowing through his veins-through his heart-and probably through his whole body. He even does not know…

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