Web of conspiracy


Where Death Is a HunterWhere Death Is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey
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She is now sitting in front of her lawyer-lawyer who is supposed to protect her from the multi million dollars lawsuit.
After all it is her negligence that has caused in the death of the patient-on the table of a simple cosmetic surgery. She was healthy-she was a promising model, a rising star –at least what the lawsuit has claimed-and now it is there to ruin the career of the young anesthetist.
But as she goes deep into her discussion of defending the lawsuit –at least how to make an honorable settlement, which will not make her pauper-she started to have a look at the medical records of the deceased.
Post mortem report, chest x ray, medical advise……all are there in a chorological way, arranged perfectly…….
But somebody inside her was telling that something is horribly…

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