Saving the land-a crusade…..


The Banished LandsThe Banished Lands by Benjamin Mester
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Durian’s attention was fixed to the old man for quite some time.
At first glance-he was a simple man-gathered to witness the thrill and joy of the annual sports Surya-but Durian’s mind was diverted from the games to the old man-again and again.
It seems that the old man was mind is somewhere else-not in the games. He was from the far off land-clearly written in his stature, his appearances, and his dresses-even in his walking stick-ornately decorated.
And it must have cost him money and strength to come to the venue of the annual sports-he must be an avid sports lover-but he was not at all enjoying the sports.
What mystery is shrouded in his presence in the games?
‘The Banished Lands’ by Benjamin Mester is an absorbing tale of fantasy-a tale where myth, history, legends, folklores…

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