A touching story of love

What an interesting read……simply brilliant


From YesterdayFrom Yesterday by Anupam Dasgupta
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He met her in an ambience that can be equated to oriental mysticism- full of light and shadow, full of vibrancy. What‘s more-she had an eye catching appearance-‘’it wasn’t like a dress or a skirt, rather more like a hospital gown. And she had strange kind of ornaments on her, different kind of bangles.’”
If you think that it is the beginning of an unusual love story- then I would like to request you to think again. It is the prelude of our story-where our protagonist Advait finds the lady, Ravenna- who happened to be a fortune teller and happened to wait for her client. Our protagonist discovered she is pathetic at her dance steps and offered his help to improve her steps. At the beginning i thought from there the story will obviously go to one direction. but…

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An epic in Black and White

What an interesting read……simply brilliant


Saint Teresa of Calcutta: A Celebration of Her Life & LegacySaint Teresa of Calcutta: A Celebration of Her Life & Legacy by Raghu Rai
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My work schedule as a teacher in a Government School demands that I have to ply through the busiest railway station of the planet- twice daily, once in morning and once in evening-once at the beginning and the other, at the end of a day’s work. When I do come home –at the evening, exhausted –after a day long crusade with the children, colleagues, my Head Mistress…well, the list is endless – I see that fine arts students throng the corridor of the station –with art papers and pens in their hands – making sketches on the white canvas. They do different kinds of study-figure study from different angles, action study .pose study and so on! For the last eleven years I am so used to the obvious scenario that…

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The Man who fooled them all

What an interesting read……simply brilliant


The Indian Spy: The True Story of the Most Remarkable Secret Agent of World War IIThe Indian Spy: The True Story of the Most Remarkable Secret Agent of World War II by Mihir Bose
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It is a sort of comedy of errors!
Two persons ,clearly desperate, to contact the Russian Ambassador of Afghanistan- neglecting the January frost bite of Kabul landed themselves in all sorts of trouble. First they discussed among themselves at length how to evade the notice of patrolling Afghan policeman in front of the Russian embassy. The short, lean man from the duo was after finding a person from the embassy who is Russian –hand him a letter meant for the Ambassador. But in reality it proved out to be a tricky job- first day he encountered a person and told him in Dari- a version of the local Persian language that he wanted to hand a letter to the Ambassador. The person assumed him to…

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The eternal love triangle..


Bachelor's MarriageBachelor’s Marriage by Akshat Pradeep Solanki
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a basic advantage for the readers reading a story of romance. Ask me-what is the advantage? Since romance has its appeal direct to the heart-there will be a good exercise of heart. Sometimes the heartbeat will run faster-sometimes slower-it is good jogging for heart all the way! In contrast-suppose if you reading a thriller. Thrillers these days are so much researched upon, that it is an excessive taxation for the brain. While reading-sometimes you have to jump to Wikipedia, sometimes to encyclopedias just to know the background of the story. And who does not know excess work by the brain will ruin your health. So, to be in good health always read romance. More so, if these stories are something of the nature of a fluid read like the Bachelor’s marriage.
Jokes apart, the appeal of…

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Monty: The Courageous Survival of a Rescue DogMonty: The Courageous Survival of a Rescue Dog by Janet Squires
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Thousands of years ago-one arrow, -struck a crane, who was flying high above the sky, perhaps talking to the clouds, like a stick of fire.
It came crushing down-withering with pain. The destiny of the crane was beyond doubt-to be the prey of a greedy man.
But destiny had scripted some other fate for that crane-it came near the place where a young prince was playing.
He came rushing down to the crane-took it in his lap. The young prince soon became busy thinking ways to save the crane.
His brother-whose arrow had struck the crane-came running. He demanded the wounded crane. If that crane had some power to guess human behavior-his heartbeat would have gone faster. Did the young prince have sensed its trembling heart? He refused to return the crane.

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Chronicle of survival……


To the SurvivorsTo the Survivors by Robert Uttaro
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Can any other individual feel the pain of a people who is burning to death? The flesh is getting charred, through the veins runs the fire-will there be any sharing of such horrific experience of hell can be shared by any other people?
Their worlds have been shattered. He or she-they can be members of either sex. She can be a teen-yet to feel the blossoming of youth in her body and mind, she can be a young lady who has just felt the advent of spring in her life or she can be a middle aged woman-passing through high tides of life-there is one similarity.
She now bears the scar from the claws of the carnivorous animal-masked as human.
She has been raped. She has been tormented. Against her will-she was compelled to crumble mentally and physically.

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The pitch black dawn….


****: The Anatomy of Melancholy****: The Anatomy of Melancholy by Matthew Selwyn
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For years there was not a drop of rain in the desert.
But suddenly one day-clouds gathered over the sky-a cool breeze flows-and suddenly there is a splash of rain…..
How a toad who has lived years in the desert without a shower of water will feel?
****.or the Anatomy of Melancholy by Mathew Selwyn is the story of a modern day youth who is in a desperate bid to seek the meaning of life. He is like the toad-who have waited for years for the shower….
But where is the rain?
The flowing wind, the blue sky, the fragrance of spring, the grassy village roads- still attracts him. But life is not the same wild innocence for our protagonist. A cosmopolitan life has made him breathe in the suffocating environment of the modern day world…

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